So this comes up a lot. You have a field in AD but your script will not modify it. You need to change the field attribute to the new entry but the logical commands (like -delete or $Null) don’t work and just return errors. These special fields require a combo command request which combines get-aduser […]

If you start to get strange error messages like “Import-Module : Could not load file or assembly…” then you most likely need to upgrade PowerShell. First check your version using this command at the PowerShell prompt:  $PSVersionTable The output should look something like this: Name                      […]

I often need to get information on a user in Active Directory but I don’t have time to scroll through multiple clicks and windows to get there. Here are two great quick commands to get all the information you need for just one user in Active Directory. The username for both will be “JSmith”. The […]

So if you use PowerShell as much as I do then you know that every time you open it there are a number of commands you want to run immediately. So day in and day out you are repeatedly typing a number of commands. Today we are going to automate that process so you don’t […]

For those who want to record everything they do when using Windows PowerShell, I have an easy free solution that will give you everything you need. The command is “Start-Transcript”. Once executed, PowerShell will start recording all activity within the current session to a log file located in your “My Documents” folder. To stop recording […]