The World Trade Center was noticeably absent from the game’s New York City skyline. When you search the story plot you find that they were destroyed by a terrorist attack. Keep in mind that the game came out in 2000, a good year before the real-life attacks that brought the Twin Towers down. Where this […]

“Above Suspicion” was a movie where Christopher Reeve played a paralyzed policeman who uses the sympathy his condition to kill his wife and her lover. It premiered on HBO on May 21, 1995. Christopher Reeve was paralyzed in real life on May 27, 1995. On May 27, 1995, Reeve’s horse made a refusal. Witnesses said that […]

Ingersoll Lockwood wrote two illustrated children’s stories and a Novel in the 1800’s: 1889 and 1893 The Travels and Adventures of Little Baron Trump and His Wonderful Dog Bulgar Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey. Lockwood’s final novel in 1896 is titled “The Last President“ The protagonist, commonly called “Little Baron Trump” A wealthy young man Living in Castle […]

H.G. Wells was born in England, 1866, a time before light bulbs were invented, before airplanes, and when horses were used primarily for travel. Even dynamite had not been invented yet. What makes this even more strange is that one of his books was called, “The Time Machine”, a novel in which a man traveles through time […]

Recap – Philip K Dick is the writer of: Blade Runner Minority Report Total Recall The Man In The High Castle A Scanner Darkly Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep After his dental surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth, the author received a delivery of pain medication. The delivery girl wore a Jesus fish around […]

Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian-born American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Minaj recorded the song “We Miss You” for the album, “Unreleased” almost a year before her cousin, Nicholas Telemaque, was shot to death. She says in the song: “Why’d you have to leave in July?” “Why the doctors could not stop the bleeding …” “Now you […]

I have to warn you, first, that you are about to read something you may find to be impossible but I promise you it’s true. Below is the real name of a music band that made its debut in July 2001. The band formed in 1999 Athens, GA, United States. Name of the band  —  “I Am […]