Sometimes……. I like to walk in the rain… slowly… watching the drops pass me by Sometimes……. I like to sleep in the shade on a hot day… alone… but happy And Sometimes……. I like to rage… to fight… to hold their feet to the fire What a strange thing it is to be me……. Sometimes […]

Trying to understand God is like trying to understand tomorrowA place that is always ahead of youKnows everything about your pastKnows what you will do nextA place that is never where you are, but you are always in it Time can’t reach itSpace can’t fill itHope can’t escape itMan and Nature can’t destroy it Tomorrow […]

This poem was inspired by Halloween, in the sense that we trust a dangerous unchecked world with our children. I wanted to create a character that was mostly unseen and quiet but frighteningly lethal to encounter. A character that embodied all the known fears from childhood.

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If I were a dream I would pour over you like gasoline And throw matches at all your fears I would burn your memories until there was only me You make me choke with that smoke of sin I can’t find my way out You are my favorite kind of candy Even when you scold […]

To be clear I’m not against money but I’ve seen an abundance of cruelty and recklessness committed in the pursuit of it. So much against children and the environment that I made this poem because the disgust just overflowed one day. The few hundred people at the top with the most money and control no […]

I saw a poem recently that had two different styles of writing in it and wanted to give it a try. I also wanted the ending to be a bit challenging and stir the creative mind.

I touched a ghost.jpg

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I wrote this poem for fun as something creepy. Billy always scares me when I see him by my bed. How does Billy float? And where is Billy’s head? — Alex Sutton