I was inspired by the poem “Antigonish” by William Hughes Mearns but I wanted the experience on the stairs to be more personal at a time when people are more vulnerable. As I lay down to sleep I met a me who couldn’t speak He couldn’t speak again today I wish, I wish he’d find […]

I confessed my sins to a stranger, and he ran away  I confessed my sins to my teacher, and got an A  I confessed my sins to my mother, and she cried  I confessed my sins to a priest, and he lied  I confessed my sins to a friend, and she scorned me  I confessed my sins to the court, and they warned me  I […]

  Sometimes……. I like to walk in the rain… slowly… watching the drops pass me by   Sometimes……. I like to sleep in the shade on a hot day… alone… but happy   And Sometimes……. I like to rage… to fight… to hold their feet to the fire   What a strange thing it is […]

If I were a dream I would pour over you like gasoline And throw matches at all your fears I would burn your memories until there was only me You make me choke with that smoke of sin I can’t find my way out You are my favorite kind of candy Even when you scold […]

Pain is not like a movie, no one likes to watch and there’s no emergency exit. It’s easy to confuse the two because pain is drama and conflict. Pain is not like a sword, it doesn’t protect you and you can’t control it. It’s easy to confuse the two because pain is sharp and cuts deep. […]

  We don’t know our enemies until they strike And when we fight back, will we stand or fall? When we fight, let us fight like the storm Giving everything we have for the battle Let us exceed our limits and spill blood Release that terrible force which demands a higher price If we fall, let […]

Too many failed dreams and empty days Thick sorrow and fleeting breath I don’t feel my soul anymore, but I still hurt The burden of my sins is crushing me There is nowhere left to fall and no more tears to cry So as I laid down to sleep, as I embraced the darkness I […]