• Recap – Philip K Dick is the writer of:
    • Blade Runner
    • Minority Report
    • Total Recall
    • The Man In The High Castle
    • A Scanner Darkly
    • Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep

After his dental surgery for an impacted wisdom tooth, the author received a delivery of pain medication. The delivery girl wore a Jesus fish around her neck, which in he perceived to be emitting a beam of energy. It was soon after this that he reported his mind had been invaded by another more rational and organized consciousness.  He described it as being insane all of his life and then suddenly becoming sane.

Where this goes from “batshit crazy” to “something real is happening here”.

The new voice in his head revealed to him that his young son had a fatal undiagnosed birth defect. The voice stated that his son needed urgent medical attention or he would die. Together with his wife Teresa, they took their son to the family doctor who heavily resisted testing the child since the test itself was dangerous and there was no sign the child had any defects. Eventually, they were able to force the tests which then confirmed the voice’s diagnosis and the child went into surgery for the overlooked birth defect.

The writer came to the conclusion that the voice in his head was an immortal part of himself accessing him from some other location.


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When Norman Mailer3e began his novel, Barbary Shore, there was no plan to have a Russian spy as a character. As he worked on it, he introduced a Russian spy into the story as a minor character. As the work progressed, the spy became the dominant character in the novel.

Upon the release of the book, 7be2125638c87ebb265fedc94cdfe072.jpgNorman Mailer was surprised to hear the story of the most wanted Russian spy in America being arrested, as this closely resembled the theme of his book. The spy, Colonel Rudolf Abel, was arrested one floor away next to Mailer’s apartment in the same building where he wrote his book.


This is what Norman had to say about what he experienced:

  • “…working on Barbary Shore I always felt as if I were not writing the book myself, but rather as if I were serving as a subject for some intelligence which had decided to use me to write the book.”
  • “Who knows what glimpses of reality we pick up unconsciously, telepathically.”

He felt that the storyline and details were coming from a source outside of himself, and he’s not the only author to say this.

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Fictional Book “Beyond the Spectrum”
In Robertson’s 1914 novel Beyond the Spectrum, he detailed a future war between the United States and Japan. In his fictional account, the war commences with a December surprise military strike against Hawaii and later involves the use of immensely powerful “Ultraviolet” superweapons that inexplicably set ships aflame, blinded sailors, and crisped their skin like a sunburn.

Where this gets strange:

Historical Event “Pearl Harbor”
In a real 1941 historical event, there was a war between the United States and Japan. In the historical account, the war commences with a December surprise military strike against Hawaii and later involves the use of immensely powerful “Nuclear” superweapons that set ships and buildings aflame, blinded people, and burn their skin like a sunburn.

A Nuclear Weapon releases large amounts of electromagnetic radiation in the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The chief hazard of thermal radiation is the production of burns and eye injuries in exposed personnel. Absorption of thermal radiation may lead to fires.

Where this goes far beyond strange:

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H.G. Wells was born in England, 1866, a time before light bulbs were invented, before airplanes, and when horses were used primarily for travel. Even dynamite had not been invented yet.

What makes this even more strange is that one of his books was called, “The Time Machine”, a novel in which a man traveles through time recording future events and bringing the information back to the past to tell others as a warning.

The novel was first published in 1895 and was considered to be one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time. The term “time machine” was coined by Wells and is now universally used in science fiction.

Here are 9 of the most astonishing predictions made in those supposedly fictional stories.

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A fictional book called “THE TITAN” published in 1898 provided detailed information 14 years in advance about a real ship named “THE TITANIC” that sank in 1912.

The poet, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, best known for the phrase, “Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone”, read the book and reached out to the author, Morgan Robertson, to find out how he saw the future and shared his response in her 1918 autobiography. Continue reading