Remember that idea you had, it’s wonderful simplicity and how it could make life easier or better. Now, remember when you were told that it was a bad idea, how no one would want it, too costly to make,  etc. They were wrong. You are a wondrous being with more potential than can ever be measured and […]

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The Spontaneous Remission Project has a database compiled by the Institute of Noetic Sciences with over 3500 case studies in the medical literature of patients who have gotten better despite incurable illnesses. Within the database, you will also find several medical cases where patients were given fake treatments, (a sugar pill, a saline injection, etc.) but responded as […]

When Norman Mailer began his novel, Barbary Shore, there was no plan to have a Russian spy as a character. As he worked on it, he introduced a Russian spy into the story as a minor character. As the work progressed, the spy became the dominant character in the novel. Upon the release of the book, […]

Paratrooper Arthur Boorman returned home injured from the Gulf War, doctors told him he’d never walk unassisted again. He suffered from chronic back and knee problems. 15 years later, at the age of 47, he discovered DDP yoga, shed 140 lbs, regained the ability to walk unassisted and toned his body. His family documented the […]

Foreign accent syndrome is an extremely rare condition in which people suddenly can only speak with a foreign accent. It usually happens after some kind of head trauma or stroke but in some cases, you could simply wake up and no longer have the accent you grew up with. There can be a lack of […]

Laughter is so powerful that it can extend the duration of your life, so complex that almost anything can be funny depending on the person experiencing it. But here is where it’s gets a bit complex: Dark Humor is far deeper than slap stick or common scripted antics. Dark Humor crosses a line to make something […]