I wanted to see what it would look like if I stuffed some of the stranger aspects of our reality into one very fast and densely packed video. The results I call chaos reality. The music makes it even more intense.

The genetic mutation can occur when a person has a deficiency in the enzyme called cytochrome-b5 methemoglobin reductase, which is responsible for recessive congenital methemoglobinemia. They also lacked the enzyme diaphorase in their red blood cells, normally diaphorase converts methemoglobin back to hemoglobin. Methemoglobinemia is a blood disorder in which an large amount of methemoglobin […]

Coober Pedy is a small desert town in Australia where people live in underground homes. With outside temperatures hovering over 100 degrees, residents made permanent homes in the cooler temperatures of the old mine shafts. It has underground motels, churches, bars, and a graveyard. The town of Coober Pedy Located in South Australia Population 1,762 (2016) […]

Most of what you are about to see is never seen by the person paying for the information the channel-er provides. Most channels work online from remote locations that post what the alien beings or spirits say after they have been channeled. If you have never seen it then this will be something new and […]

MMA fighters are calling out martial art masters to expose the practice of fake martial arts. Fighting dojos have been popular in most countries around the world but now they are being exposed as frauds. MMA is becoming the new standard for fighting capability. Kiai Master VS MMA Fighter: Kiai Touchless knockout is a technique by […]

Tattooed eyes is a new practice of coloring the eyeball by injecting ink into the sclera, (the white of the eye), the layer that protects the eye. Tattooing the eye is risky and can lead to blindness. Tattoo artists have definitely not been trained to poke eyeballs with needles. The people who perform the injections […]

News anchors are seen debating the race of Santa Claus in a serious plea to keep children from stressing out with the possibility of him being black. Watching adults talk about imaginary magical beings, in a serious way, is a special moment that everyone should experience at least once. Where this gets even stranger: The […]