News anchors are seen debating the race of Santa Claus in a serious plea to keep children from stressing out with the possibility of him being black. Watching adults talk about imaginary magical beings, in a serious way, is a special moment that everyone should experience at least once. Where this gets even stranger: The […]

In some places it’s not considered proper to have fist fights so people resort to spitting.

The other side of the Nobel Peace Prize medal represents a group of three men forming a fraternal bond. The inscription reads: “Pro pace et fraternitate gentium”, translated, “For the peace and brotherhood of men”. The Nobel Peace Prize Medal was designed by Gustav Vigeland.

This photo caught my attention, someone designed this building with the stairs on the outside. The railing is simple half height so the ability to trip and fall is very real. Is this bravery or stupidity or is it possible it’s normal outside the US.

“Take a Seat, Make a Friend.” An organization called SoulPancake has a project to see what happens when two strangers take a seat in a ball pit and talk about life’s big questions. This project gives people an opportunity to learn something meaningful about a fellow human being face to face. Questions are written on balloons […]

Christopher Harmon can see about 18 inches. He can’t hear anything. He’s also quadriplegic, and because he uses a respirator, he can’t talk. Despite this, he’s written four books using help from his interpreters. When he was about six years old, doctors diagnosed him with spinocerebellar degeneration. It’s a rare neurological condition that interferes with […]

In the Mentawaian village of Indonesia, women with chiseled pointy-sharp teeth are seen as being more beautiful. This ritual is performed with crude instruments and without any anesthesia. The tribe also believes that teeth chiseling maintains a balance between the body and the soul. All done to keep the men happy and the soul in balance.