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Statue Of Unity Country: India​ ​Height: 182 metres (597 ft) ​Unveiled in October 2018, near Mumbai, representing the independence movement leader and first Deputy Prime Minister of India, Sardad Vallabhbhai Patel, also known as the Iron Man of India. It’s surrounded by an artificial lake, with an estimated cost of 420 million Dollars (US). It is the tallest […]

Moshing or slamdancing is a style of dance in which participants push or slam into each other, typically performed in “aggressive” live music. Moshing usually happens in the center of the crowd, generally closer to the stage, in an area called the “pit”.

When a person dies in the Dani Tribe of New Guinea every woman close to the deceased will cut off a portion of a finger. This is a typical mourning practice for women in the tribe. The practice also applies to female babies so the mothers bite off the tips of their children’s fingers in a […]

I wanted to see what it would look like if I stuffed some of the stranger aspects of our reality into one very fast and densely packed video. The results I call chaos reality.

Some older tribes in China and the Philippines are hanging coffins on the side of cliffs. The coffins are either tied or nailed to the sides of cliffs. The corpse is wrapped and it’s believed to be good luck to smear on the dead’s blood since the fluids from the corpse are thought to bring success and […]

  The weirdness starts around 37 seconds in after the woman finishes speaking. The man talking to Groucher Marx is just plain strange and gets a bit stranger with every question. His mannerisms are off the chart and the way he talks is very pronounced. It’s also interesting to see how Groucho reacts to him. […]