Canada is now the world’s first country to make beer brewed from cannabis. Currently, most beers on the market are brewed from barley and some even infused with marijuana oil but a Toronto startup has changed the game. Any alcohol produced during the processing is removed, resulting in a non-alcoholic, gluten-free beer that provides a high. […]

Something taboo in America is for any interaction between insects and human food but in some parts of the world it’s either ok or even the opposite is true. “mochi” mostly refers to a ball of sweet rice dough and this is not typical of how it is made.

The expensive, rare, and delicious Vietnamese Dong Tao chicken has been nicknamed the “Dragon Chicken” due to its huge legs. Imagine what American Fast Food would do with such a bird!

There are a number of women around the world and in the US that are continuing to breastfeed children well past the age of 5 and in some very rare occasions even up to the age of 13. They argue that it provides a more healthy and well-adjusted child. They also state that it’s a […]

Kittiwat Unarrom, an artist from Thailand, creates unique loaves of bread shaped like various human body parts. He loves to make grotesque looking bread that is incredibly realistic looking and delicious as well. He believes art shouldn’t be limited to art galleries and museums. His body-part bread looks just like the real thing, but he […]

In some parts of the world rat meat can be found at the local market. Rats are a huge problem on farms that grow sugar cane so the natural reaction is to eat your way to a solution. Rats are also plentiful in large forests and often become a local delicacy. A rat is roughly […]

I was having a discussion the other day,  with my uncle, and as we dived deeper into the topic a comment was made that I hear from time to time, “You think too much”. I paused for a second, which, if you think about it (no pun intended), is the fulfillment of the spirit of why the statement was made.

I literally stopped thinking and actively questioned whether I was wasting time. Luckily for me, I became more energized against that statement and stated out loud just before returning to the debate, “No! If anything, we need to think more!”. Continue reading