Will Allen came up with a form of aquaponics that maintains it’s own climate within a greenhouse, that also produces soil for growing edible vegetation. Using Will Allen’s methods, ANYONE can grow over 300,000 pounds per acre annually. That’s enough food to feed over 20 families with 4 people each. 10,000 fish 300-500 yards worm […]

To simulate various flavors in processed foods, some food manufacturers are using aborted fetal cells to test artificial chemical enhancers that millions of Americans consume every day. Is it ethical or immoral to use cells from dead human babies to test artificial chemical enhancers? Some companies that specialize in developing food flavorings use aborted embryonic cells […]

Black Ivory Coffee (Over $500 A Pound) Made from Arabica beans by the Black Ivory Coffee Company in Thailand. Elephants consume the coffee beans and process them during digestion. Their stomach acid breaks down the bean proteins and provides a characteristic robust flavor. This coffee is rare, expensive and extracted from the elephants feces. At […]

New restaurants that target eating in bathrooms are becoming a popular niche in a number of countries. The tiled walls are adorned with shower heads. The chairs are toilets, and you can pick whether or not you want to sit with the lid up or down.


Food is served in mini toilets, urinals, and bathtubs. 

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom park has a special place called “Zuri’s Sweet Shop” and they have muffin treats for children shaped like animal dung. The edible poo comes in four different species: Elephant, Giraffe, Cotton Top Tamarin, and Hippo. Each chocolate poop treat takes on the specific shape and consistency of its real-life counterpart. 

Canada is now the world’s first country to make beer brewed from cannabis. Currently, most beers on the market are brewed from barley and some even infused with marijuana oil but a Toronto startup has changed the game. Any alcohol produced during the processing is removed, resulting in a non-alcoholic, gluten-free beer that provides a high. […]

Something taboo in America is for any interaction between insects and human food but in some parts of the world it’s either ok or even the opposite is true. “mochi” mostly refers to a ball of sweet rice dough and this is not typical of how it is made.