In 1908, three Philadelphia researchers infected dozens of children with tuberculin at the St. Vincent’s House orphanage in Philadelphia, causing permanent blindness in some of the children and painful lesions and inflammation of the eyes in many of the others. In the study, they refer to the children as “material used”. Once children were blinded […]

Where did it start? The state of Indiana was the first to pass a mandatory sterilization law in 1907. Who was targeted? Confirmed criminals Idiots Rapists Imbeciles idiot:1: an idiot is someone who does foolish things. imbecile:1: a stupid person. Where did it go from there? Other states soon followed, with California having the highest number of […]

The Defense Atomic Support Agency of the DOD (Department Of Defense) funded Dr. Eugene Saenger from 1960 to 1971. Dr. Eugene Saenger performed whole body radiation experiments on more than 90 poor black Americans suffering from cancer. He began conducting his experiments in the windowless basement of Cincinnati General (now University) Hospital. He forges consent […]

(1919 – 1922) Researchers perform testicular transplant experiments on inmates at San Quentin State Prison in California, inserting the testicles of recently executed inmates into the scrotums of living prisoners. Dr. Leo Stanley, the chief surgeon at San Quentin between 1913 and 1941, conducted autopsies on the dead and, in some cases, removed their testicles […]

They’re called “Fistulated” cows. A section of the cow’s abdomen is removed to expose their stomachs. The mutilation has a four- to six-week recovery period, in which there’s no doubt that the animals are uncomfortable. Microbes in fistulated cows’ stomachs are studied and sometimes transferred to other animals. Fistulated cows are also put on display at […]

The game is dedicated to killing very young children and teachers in a school setting.The game has been online for over 15 years. Kindergarten Killer is a first-person shooter where players use a rifle to shoot small children armed with guns as they run through the halls. The free browser game was published in 2002 and […]

Thousands of pills filled with powdered human baby flesh discovered by customs officials in South Korea. Reports show that more than 17,000 pills smuggled into the country have been intercepted so far. Tests discovered that the pills are 99.7 percent, human babies. The pill trade is being run from China where medical staff is said […]