Matthew “Matt” Harding is an American traveler, video game designer, and internet celebrity known as Dancing Matt for his viral videos that show him dancing in front of landmarks and street scenes in various international locations. He became an Internet phenomenon around the world in 2005.

“Here’s what I can report back: People want to feel connected to each other. They want to be heard and seen, and they’re curious to hear and see others from places far away. I share that impulse. It’s part of what drives me to travel. But it’s constantly at odds with another impulse, which is to reduce and contain my exposure to a world that’s way too big for me to comprehend.”
– Matthew Harding

Matt found a way to create smiles across the entire world.

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Have we really tamed the world or are there nightmares from our past hiding in some deep dark recess of society waiting to be released?

In July of 1518, a woman named Frau Troffea stepped into a narrow street in Strasbourg, France and began a fervent dancing vigil that lasted between four and six days. By the end of the week, over 30 others had joined her and, within a month, the crowd of dancing individuals had grown to 400.

Dozens in the city died from heart attacks, strokes and sheer exhaustion due to nonstop dancing. Witnesses reported that they were entranced, their arms and legs were moving as if they were purposefully dancing. The victims suffered from repeated waves of the dancing attacks.

They formed circles hand in hand, and appearing to have lost all control over their senses, continued dancing, regardless of the bystanders, for hours together, in wild delirium, until at length they fell to the ground in a state of exhaustion. They then complained of extreme oppression, and groaned as if in the agonies of death….


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