Saturday Night Live waited until the final half-hour of its final episode of the season to air its darkest sketch. There is nothing safe about the skit, “World’s Most Evil Invention”, but it did cause laughter from the audience. The network decided to employ one of the most popular celebrities in America, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, […]

The name of the book is “IT”, basically a story about a scary clown that eats children. But have you read the book? In the book, the young kids (averaging around 11 years old) have group sex in the sewer. The girl “Beverly” has sex with each of the boys (one at a time) to […]

A tradition, known as oral suction circumcision, that reaches back to ancient times, has created a modern-day dilemma due to diseases such as herpes. After certain rituals while performing the rite of circumcision some religious leaders use their mouth, rather than a sponge, to clean the baby’s penis of blood. Over 3,000 babies a year are […]

The Child of Rage documentary shocked viewers with disturbing interviews of a child named, Beth Thomas. In the interview below, you will see that she expressed a desire to murder her brother and adoptive parents. Beth is actually a victim of extreme child abuse and neglect who doesn’t have a coping tool to deal with the trauma […]

There are a number of women around the world and in the US that are continuing to breastfeed children well past the age of 5 and in some very rare occasions even up to the age of 13. They argue that it provides a more healthy and well-adjusted child. They also state that it’s a […]

There is a game named, ” 5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself)” marketed on the Cartoon Network. The premise behind 5 Minutes To Kill (Yourself) is purely sick and twisted. Your character is an office worker who would rather commit suicide than attend another meeting. Walking around the office, you are tasked with finding various ways […]

A child beauty pageant is a contest where very young children wear makeup, fake teeth, false eyelashes, lipstick, elaborate hairstyles, fake breasts, padded buttocks, and clothing so provocative that most adults wouldn’t be seen in them. Spray tanning and waxing are also common. These children perform in a high-stress environment where appearance – not talent […]