The two voices in the ear of mankind, often at odds with each other, are science and religion. They compete for the hearts and minds of all mankind but on this subject, they seem to agree; our reality is not as real as we think it is. Let’s examine for a moment what science and religion […]

This post is about “The Book of Luminaries” and things in it that stood out to me. This is the third of 5 books known as the book of Enoch. (Also called the Astronomical Book) Chapter 71 talks about gates that are used for the moon and the sun in relation to their position for dates and […]

This post is for those who study Bible scripture and is not designed for converting or preaching. The topic is Government and how it relates to the Bible. Where do governmental leaders come from? Romans 13:1 13 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and […]

I wanted to take a look, for myself, and see what information there was about heaven in the bible. What I found was very interesting and surprisingly different than what I have heard from religious people. The bible is really straightforward when it comes to this subject, heaven is the earth’s atmosphere and space. See for yourself […]

The Bible code, (Hebrew: הצופן התנ”כי‎, hatzofen hatanachi), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal dates, names, discoveries, and events […]

This post is for those who study Bible scripture and is not designed for converting or preaching. The topic is Slavery and how it relates to the Bible.

Verses in the Bible have been used by some to promote slavery and bigotry while others use those same verses to turn people away from Christianity. Below I offer you the entire picture so you can see what all the verses say together. Come to your own conclusion, Think On Your Own.

I have provided the full set of verses for those who are having these discussions with Theist and Athiest so that both sides are better equipped to have a meaningful conversation. I’ve seen too many bad arguments on both sides due to a lack of full verse perspective. It is not my goal to force my opinion on anyone for this post but rather that they are fully acclimated to what is listed in the bible.
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I was listening to a speech someone was giving on hypocrisy and they mentioned something I had never heard of in any church service, “Interest”. I started researching the Bible to see what it said about interest and was shocked at what I found given the affairs of today’s world and the churches. The more I researched […]