The forest also called the “Sea of Trees” and the “Suicide Forest” is located near Mount Fuji. At the entrance of the forest, a sign states: “Quietly think once more about your parents, siblings or children”,”Please don’t suffer alone, and first reach out.” Countrywide, suicides totaled roughly 24,000 people in 2015 alone. These numbers do […]

Kaspersky Lab interactive Cyberthreats Real-time Map. Kaspersky Lab has a cloud service warning system for cyber threats that allows KSN users to receive information about new threats in a matter of minutes after their initial detection. They currently have over 60 million users. The Real-time Map is interactive and has many ways to view the […]

New handheld computers that can translate speech from many languages into your native tongue in real-time now exist. New intelligent voice recognition systems that encode speech and translate it with just a push of a button. Compact and convenient systems make the world an easier place to live in. Language has been a hindrance to […]

The game is dedicated to killing very young children and teachers in a school setting.The game has been online for over 15 years. Kindergarten Killer is a first-person shooter where players use a rifle to shoot small children armed with guns as they run through the halls. The free browser game was published in 2002 and […]

The world is experimenting with the American Hamburger in ways that no one expected, they are canning them. Countries like Germany now offer these scary food choices for those who seek American cuisine on the go. Will it make it to the US? If it does, will anyone eat it?  

Black Ivory Coffee (Over $500 A Pound) Made from Arabica beans by the Black Ivory Coffee Company in Thailand. Elephants consume the coffee beans and process them during digestion. Their stomach acid breaks down the bean proteins and provides a characteristic robust flavor. This coffee is rare, expensive and extracted from the elephants feces. At […]

We have heroes in the police force of every race that stand up for all of us daily. I think at this moment in American history it’s good to remember how much sacrifice has been made to protect the constitution, liberties, and lives of all Americans. Are the people you listen to this honorable?