Alaska has a rate of missing persons almost twice the national average. More than 16,000 people have disappeared in Alaska since 1988. Many of the missing people disappear without any evidence, and with no bodies (alive or dead) found. We are literally talking about people disappearing without a trace. Alaska holds the record for the highest […]

In order to be a politician, you must first run for office.  To run for office, you need a large amount of MONEY. If you are RICH, then you have the MONEY needed to run. If you are not RICH, then you will need to owe someone who is. Either way, you will not follow our needs […]

This post is about “The Book of Parables” and things in it that stood out to me. This is the second of 5 books known as the book of Enoch. (Also called the Similitudes of Enoch) Chapter 39 talks about a holy race of beings who can impregnate. Chapter 39 1In those days shall the elect and […]

A robot sex brothel is a place where people go to have sexual activity with sophisticated convincing human-like machines. They have some degree of AI technology and the advanced models can make facial expressions to react to the things a person says to them. They can also simulate body warmth. Prostitutes are warning the media […]

A friend of mine sent me a link a few years back about a site that had great discounts, collected by deal seekers. The format is a very plain news feed with links and discount codes. Since it’s Christmas Time I thought I would share with those who browse my blog so they can partake […]

In 2007, Michael Dick was a concerned father traveling the UK with his family to track down his daughter, 31-year-old Lisa. He lost contact with her over ten years earlier. The Suffolk Free Press agreed to help him by putting word of his search in their newspaper. The Press took a photo of him and […]

This post is about “The Book of the Watchers” and things in it that stood out to me. This is the first of 5 books known as the book of Enoch. Chapter 6 talks about what caused the flood. It also gives the names of the angels involved. It talks about angels having feelings and […]