Robots are now actively being used in hospitals. You may see one the next time you find yourself in need of medical support. Here are just a few to bring you up to speed. Meet “Pepper” the robot, a humanoid robot designed to welcome and take care of visitors and patients, at AZ Damiaan hospital […]

What you already know: Hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) is the process of pumping water deep into the Earth at tremendous pressures to break apart the surrounding rock and free the oil and gas reserves, which can then be pumped out and used. People are passionately for and against fracking. What you didn’t know: In the […]

So we all know who Leonardo da Vinci is and if you don’t, then he is the guy who painted the Mona Lisa, Last Supper, and Salvator Mundi. But what you don’t know about this famous painter is that he designed death machines on the side. Below are a few of the better ones. Leonardo da […]

There are a number of stores that have started the first rollout of robots to do jobs assigned to human workers. Big boost to the bottom line for the rich: Zero wasted money on Yearly Salary Zero wasted money on Health and Dental Insurance Zero wasted money on Retirement Packages Zero wasted money on Injury […]

Meet the “Orvillecopter”, a helicopter that is half cat – half machine, created from the corpse of his dead cat Orville. “Half ostrich, half helicopter” “Half rat, half helicopter” “Half shark, half jet”

A robot sex brothel is a place where people go to have sexual activity with sophisticated convincing human-like machines. They have some degree of AI technology and the advanced models can make facial expressions to react to the things a person says to them. They can also simulate body warmth. Prostitutes are warning the media […]

To simulate various flavors in processed foods, some food manufacturers are using aborted fetal cells to test artificial chemical enhancers that millions of Americans consume every day. Is it ethical or immoral to use cells from dead human babies to test artificial chemical enhancers? Some companies that specialize in developing food flavorings use aborted embryonic cells […]