This is a short video that examines the paranormal reaction of one woman as she struggles with religious and spiritual beliefs during her encounter with a haunting in her home. She eventually discovers the cause of the haunting and how powerful science is when a person is not well informed. Knowing can save your life.

Some women with orgasmic dysfunction, are plagued due to their inability to achieve an orgasm naturally. However, an implant to deliver an orgasm to women with just the push of a button has been created: The E-spot During surgery for the device implant, the patient would remain conscious throughout the operation to fit the implant, […]

The AIRPod vehicle is the solution to urban pollution and urban mobility. It has a small size, tiny price, zero pollution, and futuristic design.

It runs off of compressed air.

1.JPGThe developer of the Air Car, as a compression-based alternative to the internal combustion engine, has attained rights to build modular plants in Continue reading

Scientists are creating cows that produce milk containing the human proteins lysozyme, alpha-lactalbumin, and lactoferrin, for their immune-boosting properties. Scientists behind the research believe milk from herds of genetically modified cows will provide an alternative to formula milk for babies, which is often criticised as being an inferior substitute. China is leading the way in research on genetically […]

New services and DIY Technology can now accurately produce the physical appearance of anyone from DNA discarded on streets or in the trash. Forensic DNA analysis is now in the hands of average people, you no longer need to wait for police support. Services are being offered to either run the tests for you directly or […]

Scientist have produced genetically modified goats to produce large quantities of a spider silk, one of the strongest substances known to man. The transplanted gene allows the goat to produce milk containing an extra protein, which is then extracted and spun into spider silk thread. Spider silk fiber could have several medical uses, such as for […]

Rice, engineered to contain human genes, will be grown outdoors in the hope of reaching commercial production standards. It’s made by the biotechnology company, Ventria Bioscience, in Junction City, Kansas. Ventria has been cultivating rice with genes from the human liver for the purpose of extracting artificial proteins for use in pharmaceuticals. Ventria has developed […]