Person of Interest is a television series about a super Artificial Intelligence. On the show AI does mass surveillance of people from all around the world and can predict crimes before they happen. The show was released in 2011 but now we are seeing the real thing popping across the US. Farmington Hills, Michigan is using […]

Sam Cohen conceived of the neutron bomb as a way of morally killing large populations of human beings, while leaving the buildings and property intact. Nuclear bombs kill by burning and melting everything for miles. When detonated the majority of a nuke’s energy is released via its explosion. Neutron bombs kill via silent radiation, with […]

Meet Mark Suppes, a 34-year-old freelance computer programmer, who built a homemade nuclear fusion reactor in a friends warehouse, in Brooklyn, NY.


The project is legal and not considered dangerous – but people who live near the reactor aren’t convinced.

Some parts of the reactor were purchased on eBay!


The machine is about the size of a filing cabinet. At its center is a core of deuterium atoms that, when heated to 100 million degrees Celsius (about six times hotter than the Sun’s core), should fuse into helium and release a huge amount of safe, clean energy.

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Two of the most advanced technologies mankind has ever made are being joined together, (AI and Robotics). They are being joined together for the sole purpose of doing our dirty work. The jobs we humans no longer want to do or don’t have the stomach for. With almost every prophet of science fiction warning us, […]

Antimatter annihilates whenever it encounters matter and causes an explosion that emits gamma rays. Hospital PET scans, one of the most common applications of antimatter, use positrons, which are a subatomic, antimatter particles. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is the process used to inject positrons into a brain and watch for gamma rays that flash when […]

FLIP (FLoating Instrument Platform) is a research platform owned by the U.S. Office of Naval Research (ONR). 355 ft long and designed to flood and pitch backward 90°, only the front of the ship remains visible above water. The ship is stable and immune to most wave action. The ship has no propulsion and must […]

This is a short video that examines the paranormal reaction of one woman as she struggles with religious and spiritual beliefs during her encounter with a haunting in her home. She eventually discovers the cause of the haunting and how powerful science is when a person is not well informed. Knowing can save your life.