I added this video to the “About Us” page to give more insight into my thought process. People often ask what my thoughts are on different topics, so I wanted to make some of that public. The words on the images are mine unless quoted with a referenced name. Recently I found out that people […]

During the Civil War, at the Battle of Shiloh, Confederate soldiers surprised Union soldiers camped near the Tennessee River. After the battle was over, the surviving soldiers were stuck, waiting for medics to arrive, sitting in the rain, and mud for two days with untreated open wounds. In those days a small cut could get […]

In 2007, Michael Dick was a concerned father traveling the UK with his family to track down his daughter, 31-year-old Lisa. He lost contact with her over ten years earlier. The Suffolk Free Press agreed to help him by putting word of his search in their newspaper. The Press took a photo of him and […]

When I was 13, I played this game where I would ask kids (3-5), “Howmany people are in the room?”, and after they told me I would ask them to point to each person they could see. I did it because sometimes kids are looking at, or talking to, thin air and it made me curious. […]

Seventy-year-old twin brothers died within hours of one another after separate accidents on the same road in northern Finland. The first of the twins died when he was hit by a lorry while riding his bike in Raahe, 600 kilometers north of the capital, Helsinki. About two hours later, his brother crossed the same road […]

Alex and Donna Voutsinas They came from different countries and fell in love at work. Days before their wedding, Mr. Voutsinas was looking through his fiancée’s childhood photos and was shocked to see his father pushing his younger self in the rear of a photo at Disney World while his soon to be wife, then […]

Patricia Ann Campbell A computer error gave two women in America the same social security number. When the two women were brought together to rectify the mistake they discovered the following: They had both been given the same name by separate parents Both of their fathers were called Robert Campbell Both had the same birthday […]