There are no lighting tricks going on in the photo below. Fellow teammate “Andre Roberson” accidentally kneed “Russell Westbrook” in the face during a game against the Portland Trailblazers. After he got up off the floor there was a notable change to his appearance, he had a dent in the right side of his face. I don’t […]

Students at Olathe Northwest High School attempted to prank coach, Joel Branstrom. The plan was to have Mr. Branstrom shoot a half-court shot blindfolded for the chance to win 4 NCAA Final Four tickets. They were going to fake the cheering after he missed and give him restaurant meal card for the prank prize. However, to […]

“He’s the one who has motivated me because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be out there doing triathlons. What I’m doing is loaning Rick my arms and legs so he can be out there competing like everybody else” — Dick Hoyt Dick and Rick Hoyt, better known as “Team Hoyt.” Rick was born […]

A new intense pastime has been created where people swing off cliffs and across canyons. These new swings allow immediate freefalls down steep, rocky cliff faces. Truly an adrenaline junkies dream come true. Spectacularly scenic locations and life-threatening falls give an adrenalin rush like nothing else. Would you jump off a cliff?

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