A friend of mine sent me a link a few years back about a site that had great discounts, collected by deal seekers. The format is a very plain news feed with links and discount codes. Since it’s Christmas Time I thought I would share with those who browse my blog so they can partake […]

Fractional currency became necessary as our country approached the beginning of the Civil War. As citizens began holding onto silver and gold coinage it became increasingly harder to, “make change”, in everyday transactions. The solution was fractional currency notes. They range in denominations from 3 to 50 cent. I have put a few samples below […]

Millions of tons of radioactive soil and debris, filmed by drone footage, can be seen packed in black bags in Japan. FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI NUCLEAR POWER STATION: Six years after the largest nuclear disaster in a quarter-century, Japanese officials have still not solved the problem of what to do with the massive amount of contaminated soil from […]

The following video will make you aware of super companies. This is a growing trend of companies that have tentacles in almost every aspect of your life. Is it safe to have companies amass so much control and power?  

Internet cafes in Japan are tiny cubicles. People in Japan who do not own or rent a residence are living in these 24-hour boxes originally designed only for web surfing. This new phenomenon is part of an increasing wealth gap in Japan between the ever-growing rich and the working class. About half of those staying […]

Asbestos, Quebec is a town in Canada and the site of one of the world’s largest asbestos mines. A major landmark in the town is a crater more than a mile wide and deep enough to hold the Eiffel Tower. Quebec once produced half of the world’s asbestos before concern about cancer led to the […]

This short speech may change what motivates you and your actions in life.