Internet cafes in Japan are tiny cubicles. People in Japan who do not own or rent a residence are living in these 24-hour boxes originally designed only for web surfing. This new phenomenon is part of an increasing wealth gap in Japan between the ever-growing rich and the working class. About half of those staying […]

What you already know: Hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) is the process of pumping water deep into the Earth at tremendous pressures to break apart the surrounding rock and free the oil and gas reserves, which can then be pumped out and used. People are passionately for and against fracking. What you didn’t know: In the […]

The Dazzle effect was used during World War I and World War II as a chaotic mix of strange geometric shapes in contrasting colors to confuse the enemy. Some have claimed this is a new Mandela Effect since they have studied history and have never once heard of such a practice. Yet it was common […]

The rules are simple, two people, one table and as many slaps as one person can handle.

When a person dies in the Dani Tribe of New Guinea every woman close to the deceased will cut off a portion of a finger. This is a typical mourning practice for women in the tribe. The practice also applies to female babies so the mothers bite off the tips of their children’s fingers in a […]

So I get this question out of context a lot… Do you believe in God? I get it when I’m not in a conversation about God or when the focus is not on religion. I got it before and after I was a believer and strangely enough, the feedback has remained the same. On the […]

The Blue Whale Game, also known as the “Blue Whale Challenge“, is a social network phenomenon that started in Russian, in 2016. The game consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators over a 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide. “Blue Whale” came to prominence in […]