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We all perceive reality differently but the only way to gain more understanding of each other is to get a peak into each others psyche. What Thoughts Enter Your Mind When You See This Image?

Two of the most advanced technologies mankind has ever made are being joined together, (AI and Robotics). They are being joined together for the sole purpose of doing our dirty work. The jobs we humans no longer want to do or don’t have the stomach for. With almost every prophet of science fiction warning us, […]

I’ve learned over the years how valuable anger can be. Unlike sadness, anger doesn’t want to control you. Unlike fear, it doesn’t hold you down against your will. Anger is a servant, it obeys you in the most wonderful way, it grants wishes. If you tell anger you don’t like something, it will utterly destroy […]

I’ve often struggled with a very dark thought in the back of my head. The thought that the world doesn’t care about children. I know individuals care about children but do we collectively care as a species about the welfare of children. We know that children worldwide suffer from malnutrition, dehydration, sex trafficking, starvation, sickness, […]

I have never been one big on the concept of time. The present is too powerful an attraction for me to turn away from. The past is full of lost ideas and limited understandings. The future is a predictable mystery of known advances but unknown nightmares. If time is real then we are near immortal […]

Have you ever noticed that the people who discover new things or overcome tough situations are also the people who can ignore fear? They’ve learned that fear only offers one thing…. more time. Fear doesn’t solve anything, it doesn’t answer any questions. Fear keeps you alive not comfortable. It keeps you safe not free. It […]