A politician doesn’t want your VOTE they want your HOPE. Politicians aren’t looking for individual people, they are seeking the masses. Religion already has millions on the ground ready to carry out any agenda. It also has anti-religious groups by the millions on the other side, and there’s the rub, with two sides scooping up […]

In order to be a politician, you must first run for office.  To run for office, you need a large amount of MONEY. If you are RICH, then you have the MONEY needed to run. If you are not RICH, then you will need to owe someone who is. Either way, you will not follow our needs […]

When YOUR party engages in hypocrisy then YOU (as a party member) must ignore it or support it. It’s only bad until your party does it, then it’s “Just politics”, it’s OK because “It’s for the greater good”, or my favorite “It’s no big deal” (now, not then).  I’m not going to waste my time […]

You keep hearing that voting is the most important thing in the world. That this is your moment, things are going to be better this time. In reality, things are the opposite, Democrats and Republicans talk a good game but they don’t deliver. Change We Can Believe In Make America Great Again Yes We Can […]

The Parties: Democrats: No More War  — But they keep dropping bombs on people Equality — But they create policies to put more minorities in jail Health Care — But only if you can afford it Free Education — But not modern and not job-centric Protect Workers — But replace them all with robots Antitrust […]

In America, I live in two worlds. The first world is what I like to call the political world. A world where we pretend that talking points are real. A world based on lies that are repeated every 60 minutes in the news media. The sheep choose a news source like FOX or CNN. Then […]

Once a party wins an election certain key topics they ran on suddenly don’t exist. I have conservative and liberal friends that develop full-on amnesia. They literally don’t think about things they were fully outraged over just before the election ended, things they spent 2 to 4 years fighting over. If you don’t believe me […]