This was a very subtle transition of understanding. When I was secular, I believed that people were responsible for their own actions but when I became a Christian this was slowly replaced with a new and more dangerous form of understanding, that God is to blame for everything. I found that most people that call […]

This seems counterintuitive, that love is not for everyone, but it’s something you learn as a Christian. From the outside looking in you most likely think that we are all about love, but you would be mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, I believe Jesus is all about love but what we are talking about in […]

This is painfully clear, we Christians like to have as many churches as possible but for really bad reasons. When I first became a believer the very next step (in my mind) was to find a church to attend. The first place you start is with your friends but you soon find out that they […]

This is something I learned quickly because of my inquisitive nature. I had lots of questions about a wide range of topics related to Christianity. I would often reach out to other Christians, at different levels of authority, requesting a deeper understanding of scripture, practices, behavior, church policies, etc. This was a very exciting time […]

In the Church, we have leaders who guide and help us make decisions. They provide counsel to keep you on track with the teachings of the Bible. They help you get through hard times and assist you in making decisions for your health, family, and career. The people who hold positions of authority in the […]

It’s a non-ending message of fear and that’s really something I learned once I became a Christian. Every incident in the world ties to the “End Times”, every decision you make can somehow lead to “Hell” (if you’re not careful). You can’t even trust your own thoughts they say. Your friends may be agents working […]

This is something only a churchgoer would know, people outside of the church would naturally assume the opposite, but it’s true, there isn’t much Bible in church. For a Christian, the Bible is the ultimate book of truths, guidance, and spiritual life. The expectation would be that it is the center of all we do […]