Mail Order Lollipops For Children Laced With Chickenpox


Parents who don’t want to give their children the chickenpox vaccine are choosing instead to buy mail-order lollipops already sucked on by chickenpox infected children.

They hope their child will get chickenpox and then develop a natural immunity to avoid vaccination shoots.

Once a child is infected they sometimes throw, “Pox Parties”, to spread the infection. Parents consider this to be a safer alternative to vaccinations. The idea is to expose children to the virus to help build up their immunity against it, in lieu of vaccinating.

The chickenpox virus can be fatal, children exposed to it could die!

Side effects of the vaccine include soreness or swelling where the shot was given, a fever in one in 10 people, and a rash in one out of 25. Seizure and pneumonia are also possible. Before the vaccine, chickenpox caused more than 10,000 hospitalizations in an average year in the U.S., and between 1990 and 1994 about 50 children and 50 adults died each year.

  • How did we get here?
    • Too much money from pharmaceuticals in government pockets.
    • Too many unanswered questions about autism.
    • Not enough education in schools and for parents on health risks.
    • Government testing on the population without consent.

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Dolls Share Kids Information With A Military Contractor

Two brands of talking dolls, My Friend Cayla and I-Que Intelligent Robot, have the ability to listen to conversations of people in the room with them.


Some people are worried that this feature can collect personal information from private conversations. For adults, strangely enough, this is not an issue but children have special laws that protect their privacy.  A complaint was filed with the Federal Trade Commission from a coalition of consumer privacy advocates including the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC).


Where this gets creepy:

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Cat Barks Like A Dog But There May Be A Reason

In the following video a cat is heard barking like a dog and when caught by surprise, then begins to slowly revert back to meowing. 

Some people online claiming to be animal experts say it’s not unusual for cats to bark occasionally, as the sound can be made by their vocal cords. The cat in the clip could well have picked up the sound from a local dog. They also noted that it’s unlikely the cat switched back to meowing, due to being caught, since it has no true agency.

Others see this as a sign of intelligence with a purpose, as to say, “cats are up to something”. You decide.


399 Black Men Tortured By 7 US Surgeon Generals for 40 Years Without Rest Within The US AND Backed By The CDC

The United States government committed an act of torture against U.S. citizens in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution and human rights. 

For forty years between 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) department, conducted an experiment on 399 black men infected with syphilis.

These men, for the most part, were poor farmers from one of the poorest counties in Alabama. They were never told what disease they were suffering from or its seriousness. The doctors that were treating them had no intention of curing them of syphilis, they were ordered to lie to them in order to collect data. a5e9df9279a0afb61c97b3189c90832d.jpgThe government wanted information on how the disease progressed, what damage it would do to the human body, and any additional information once it killed them. They especially wanted information to be collected from the autopsies of the men, and they were thus deliberately left to degenerate under the ravages of tertiary syphilis.

The men suffered and died with symptoms that included; tumors, heart disease, paralysis, blindness, and insanity. 

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The Game “Deus Ex” Predicted 911 A Year Before It Happened

The World Trade Center was noticeably absent from the game’s New York City skyline. When you search the story plot you find that they were destroyed by a terrorist attack.

Keep in mind that the game came out in 2000, a good year before the real-life attacks that brought the Twin Towers down.


Where this gets a little weird. 

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Toilet Themed Restaurants Designed To Look Like You Are Eating In A Bathroom

New restaurants that target eating in bathrooms are becoming a popular niche in a number of countries. The tiled walls are adorned with shower heads. The chairs are toilets, and you can pick whether or not you want to sit with the lid up or down.


Food is served in mini toilets, urinals, and bathtubs. 

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