Two of the most advanced technologies mankind has ever made are being joined together, (AI and Robotics). They are being joined together for the sole purpose of doing our dirty work. The jobs we humans no longer want to do or don’t have the stomach for. With almost every prophet of science fiction warning us, […]

Wealth psychologists are mental health professionals who specialize in helping ultra-rich clients deal with issues related to the guilt they feel about being wealthy. Some people are not comfortable with all aspects of being rich. Some realize they may not be psychologically or emotionally prepared to cope with wealth. Wealth psychologists help the rich live happier, […]

The shoe fitting fluoroscope was a common device used in shoe stores from 1930 through the 1950s. Basically, it was a wooden box with an open x-ray tube and no reliable shielding to protect bystanders. You may want to think of it as an X-Ray Bomb, everyone near the machine was getting a full dose […]

I filter through a ton of strange video data and for most of the footage, there is usually a decent debunk site that provides a satisfying plausible explanation for what was caught on camera. But I have a subset that I myself find to be challenging. I don’t think the debunkers have provided a convincing […]

There are three things desperately needed (from the masses) by the Republicans and Democrats to maintain control. Votes Money People The fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to provide all three is to engage the following groups: Religious Organizations Anti-Religious Organizations These groups already have the people, money, and bodies on the ground to carry out […]

So we all know who Leonardo da Vinci is and if you don’t, then he is the guy who painted the Mona Lisa, Last Supper, and Salvator Mundi. But what you don’t know about this famous painter is that he designed death machines on the side. Below are a few of the better ones. Leonardo da […]

IV lounges are becoming a thing. People are using them to recover from hangovers, jet lag, to get high or a vitamin boost. The IV lounge craze has been spurred on by celebrities who embrace IV treatment casually. Prices range from roughly $80 to $875 and are generally unregulated.  IV lounges respond quickly to whatever is […]