For those who want to record everything they do when using Windows PowerShell, I have an easy free solution that will give you everything you need. The command is “Start-Transcript”. Once executed, PowerShell will start recording all activity within the current session to a log file located in your “My Documents” folder. To stop recording […]

Like-minded sex doll enthusiasts are meeting to share their experiences and show off their synthetic companions. They advocate for stopping the Sex Doll Stigma and claim that sex dolls bring joy, emotions and great times to men and women. Many dolls being sold on the market today are the size, shape and look of children […]

The bird feces is farmed by going home to home where large pigeon populations gather and then scooping up the bird feces with their bare hands. The person collecting the bird poop has to access small cramp spaces where dried poop is heavy in the air. They breathe it in, soak it into their clothes […]

So, I’m a Christian and getting there has been a strange experience, so strange in fact, that I’m pressed to describe it to others, so they can share in the abnormality of it all. This post is more focused on what has happened after my conversion to Christianity and not on what motivated me to […]

Richart Sowa built an island made of old plastic bottles off the coast of Mexico. The Island contains about 100,000 PET bottles and measures 82 feet in diameter. It has three beaches, a house, a solar-powered waterfall, small river, wave-powered washing machine and solar panels. Volunteers from all over the world visit to help improve the structure […]

In this video, we are seeing two world leaders giving speeches to urge countries to join in wars with the United States. The fact that they are using the same speech sends a clear message that individual countries are controlled by a global agenda. They are not individual states making decisions for their country but […]

The name of the book is “IT”, basically a story about a scary clown that eats children. But have you read the book? In the book, the young kids (averaging around 11 years old) have group sex in the sewer. The girl “Beverly” has sex with each of the boys (one at a time) to […]