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This site was designed to bring awareness to things easily found but unknown to most people. There are no conspiracies here, no political or religious affiliations, just shocking, curious, and sometimes entertaining information on a wide range of topics that can easily be verified. This site is sourced from a select handful of people and is free to the public.

As for the Author:

Favorite Quote:

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. ~Marcus Aurelius

I’m a Polymath Philosopher

A polymath: is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas; such a person is known to draw on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.
A philosopher: is a person who is not wise, but possesses the self-awareness of lacking wisdom, and thus pursues it.

I seek to make clear that which is hidden in plain sight

I live to learn new things

I moved past religion but still seek God

I’m deep into technology

I believe science is the greatest tool mankind has ever used

I think love is our only chance at survival

I want you to join the conversation:


  1. Just discovered you folks!
    I’m impressed. Continue this need to spread the truth.

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  2. Hi there. Thank you for visiting and following HoB. Much appreciated!

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  3. Thanks for following my blog; you are very kind.

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  4. somebody can send me the address because I will come to see you guys,

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  5. Hi L7,

    Our range is backyard to sky and everything in between. We can contemplate nothing and sometimes get something from that. The five senses, the imagination, love, drugs, feelings, education, coincidence, mental illness, boredom, torture, work, war, philosophy, religion, etc. All of these things shaping us, driving us along unto death. Nobody knows nothing … or so said the screenplay writer. But you know, fuck it, it’s fun contemplating the whole mess, trying to find something in it which sustains us for another day, breath … rolling over in the night, thinking about the past, wondering about the future … nothing to be done. Like I say, fuck it. Thanks. Duke

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  6. I like your blog. It looks like you have a lot of interesting information. Also, that’s a great Marcus Aurelius quote.

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  7. Not sure if this is the right place to raise the question, but would it be possible to alter your blog color scheme slightly? I don’t mind dark backgrounds, but light grey text on a near black background is really hard to read for these old eyes.

    If not, it’s no biggie; I can always follow the conversation on the WP reader app.

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  8. I’ve been in your youtube channel and find so may interesting videos. I wanted to share them in my blog but they haven’t got subtitles.
    I’m Amleta, I’m from Italy.
    I wish you all Love bro 🌺🌸🌼🌻🌹💐🌹🌷

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      • Thank you so much for answered to me. Here in Italy is 2:06 a. m. 😂

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          • Interesting blog. Would I be correct that you are female?

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            • I just watched your video. If that is your voice then obviously I gendered you incorrectly. Very intriguing production. A lot of questions there you ask. The world, and humanity, is never short of questions. Life is a quest for answers.

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              • That is not my voice but it was the most appropriate for the topic, I found it to be a good fit based on the content not the gender.


                • You in the film production business or advertising?

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                  • I’m in IT but I have an artistic side.


                    • That’s readily apparent. You also have a strong cerebral side… contemplative. Logic defines.. in an illogical world. IT.. very logical world. What did you use to create that video if I may ask?

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                    • You Asked — “What did you use to create that video if I may ask?”

                      My Response — PowerDirector15, it has that old feature where you can add the photos to the video.

                      The photos were from my original website thinkonyourown.com which was replaced by my new site realitydecoded.blog.

                      I missed the background pictures from the original site because they spoke so much about how I saw the world. I created the “About Me” page to bring them back for anyone interested.


                    • You’re communicating. Let me ask.. who to, and why? I’m meaning that.. through your artistic expression.

                      Switching gears here…
                      My query to your video artistry is for my own benefit as a number months ago I was asked by a church to help them set up a weekly Zoom presence for their worship services. I was asked since my significant other is a member and I have some electronic/computer experience. Oddly, as fate or the Almighty might have it, I entered into a hobby world I had dreamed about all my life and took other roads. I’ve added many creative concepts rather than just presenting flat worship service, and I am trying to get them to sign on into a more production mode in providing different content as their ministry. Being an ex-businessman a few times I tend to find value in branding, creating an image, and advertising. But.. as far a video prodiction goes, while I am savoring getting into this.. I am still very amateur. Your video struck me as a production of some interesting talent.

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                    • You Asked — “You’re communicating. Let me ask.. who to, and why?”
                      My Response — Good question.
                      The who – Anyone… and the more confident they are in their beliefs or understandings the better.
                      The why – I like to introduce something missed… something not expected. I find it entertaining when people suddenly become aware of something unexpected that doesn’t fit the clean pristine mold known as their understanding.
                      You Stated – “I’ve added many creative concepts rather than just presenting flat worship service, and I am trying to get them to sign on into a more production mode in providing different content as their ministry.”

                      My Response – One of the most power video tools I have ever used is PowerPoint. It’s highly underestimated and extremely powerful. You can make the most incredible presentations and they can all be saved as video.

                      Just a thought


                    • “The why – I like to introduce something missed… something not expected.”

                      The more “confident” the opinionated person the more you like to “punch holes”?

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                    • You Asked — “The more “confident” the opinionated person the more you like to “punch holes”?”

                      My Response — I’m not interested in punching holes… right and wrong have no real meaning to me.

                      I’m only interested in a moment where a confident advocate on a mission to bring me understanding falls down a flight of thoughts into a pile of new thinking.

                      I have no desire to make them believe me but their desire for me to believe something, I find fascinating.

                      So colliding their unmovable understanding with a never before seen unstoppable evidence always leads to something special.

                      Take abortion for example. I’m not for or against it.

                      But let’s say someone tells me a 10 year old must have the baby.

                      Then I simply ask something like “Should 10 year old’s be allowed to adopt?”

                      That’s the moment the show begins and you can actually see the hamster explode while trying to keep that wheel spinning.

                      Why pretend that life is simple and have simple understandings with simple talking points. It’s much more fun when you have to think about what you believe and then be forced to talk your way through it.

                      That’s where the boredom ends.


                    • I appreciate your approach. Hence my reason for asking earlier if you like to “poke holes” in the logic of others… as a kind of cyber blog entertainment schtick. No good or bad to it.. we all have interests. If how you proceed also has a personal learning quality… I like that. These days my personal approach has been to present moral alternatives by asking similar questions or making similar extended points. That’s just me because I am drawn to “fix” the great national divide.. one nutjob at a time. The Knight metaphor thing. It goes nowhere, of course… and I truly “fix” nothing. But one must try.

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                    • You Stated — “But one must try.”

                      My Response — That seems like a truly admirable goal. I don’t know if you will actually fix anything but I believe you will inspire a line of fixers and that is a good thing.

                      More people trying to fix a divide rather than increase it is a good thing.


                    • We are all prisoners of our own perceptions. 🙂

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              • How old and what part of the country? I think somewhere in all the replies I asked what your college major was.
                Why should any of this matter? For me it assigns “depth” to an exchange. It sometimes sucks being a bit of an empath. If I were to guess… you’re in your 30’s, unmarried, and live on one of the two coasts.

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