Remember When Child Car Seats Were Designed To Kill Children

Literally they were designed to raise the children high enough so that, if there were a crash, they could hit the windshield better. Not to mention some had a metal bar right at neck height for instant dismemberment.

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  1. Like everything new, a period of adjustment is needed!

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  2. I also remember when seatbelts weren’t required.
    …and putting 13 kids (yeah 13) in a Chevy Chevette to run up to the local roller rink. — okay, so that only happened a couple of times.
    Good times!

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  3. If you’re going to go out with a big bang, you’d might as well grab a front row seat to take in the full experience. And I imagine that metal contraption shown in photo three was responsible for many a pinched finger and scraped appendage, as well.

    Good times.

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  4. All before crash test dummies and safety testing! Ugh

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