A 1970 Children’s Book Illustrates What Makes Boys Happy Versus What Makes Girls Happy And Earns A Spot As One Of The Most Sexist Books Ever Made

Whitney Darrow, Jr. published, “I’m glad I’m a boy. I’m glad I’m a girl”, in 1970. Viewed to be one of the most sexist books ever printed.

Darrow never stated his intentions with this book but some would like to think he was kidding while others fully agree with what was written.

Regardless of the intention, many children read this book growing up.

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  1. Before women rights
    Or equel rights… as it were

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    • That was the age of weak men. So scared of women they wrote books to try and program them to avoid competition in the workplace.

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      • I don’t believe it was “weak” men. I think it was “strong” men that didn’t want to give up any of that strength.
        They were “stagnate” thinking men, *I can’t even say backward thinking* – but obviously NOT forward thinking, because that would mean giving up that power.

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        • The reason I say weak is because they were fearful. I saw it in the military. Civilian men would make comments about military women because the women scared them.

          An adult male so intimidated by women that he tried to tell children what they can be when they grow up lol.

          If that’s no weakness then what is it, bravery?

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  2. Well, if I have to read a Darrow, I prefer Clarence ”Chase after the truth like all hell and you’ll free yourself, even though you never touch its coat tails.

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    • Wow that is a powerful post! Thanks!

      I have a friend at work who thinks the Sandy Hook shooting was fake. Very strange world.

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      • I have a relative that believes this crap. One of her friends crank-called her with one of those phone apps, told her she is under investigation for viewing top secret information on the internet. That she’d violated federal secrecy acts and listed law codes. It was funny, but a disaster. She had a nervous breakdown and was off work 6 months. She still thinks she knows too much and the government is un…watching. Alex jones was one of her trusted sources. Lol. Sad

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  3. Incredible images. Thanks for sharing!!

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  4. Any women out there wanna work in the sewer?

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  5. I don’t know why, but I found it amusing. I don’t think it’s bigoted, or trying to limit the dreams of others, just showing what boys and girls were probably like back then.


    • You stated — “I don’t know why, but I found it amusing.”

      My response — That’s normal. Everyone I showed it to found it amusing. I had a huge laugh when I first saw it, to be honest I still do.

      It’s like watching cave men try to make a fire. It was really just pathetic.

      Who was that small man to tell God what his creation could or couldn’t do? LOL

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    • No, it was not what we were like “back then.” I would state is as what we were “told to like” back then, and you can bet we were told to like it. I had no desire to belittle girls, or hate women, females were the best thing in my world. Boys were bullies, or girl-haters, jocks and what have you. I was a lover, not a fighter. And I got beat up almost daily for telling my male friends that it was only a matter of time before they started feeling the way I did.
      I’m not saying I was “libber,” though I did become one, I just appreciated girls for the differences that would eventually rule our lives. I guess you might call me an early bloomer. Yet, in time it did colour my thinking, and I had no problem with girls and women being my equal, sometimes being my better. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, no matter our sex or gender. We are just people, and the sooner we admit it, the better life will be, for all. The same goes for all those things that people allow to divide us. We are one species, trying to life peacefully with every other species, all of us joined in life, and being alive.

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  6. Dear Lander, I do not know why everyone’s name come up as totally capitalized, but if you can change that, I would appreciate it. My name is rawgod, no capitals anywhere. It sickens me to see it with even one capital, let alone six. It is printed properly before the comment is published, I do wish it would not change.


    • It shows as lower case on my side.

      Sounds like another WordPress weird feature.

      Is it one of those religious cap things? Someone tried to explain it to me when I was putting god in lower case but I still don’t get it.

      I don’t believe caps have any meaning.

      I will look in the WP console and change it if possible.


      • No problem, but this is the only blog I have seen so far that puts all handles in capitals. For myself I removed my spelchek and anticipatory lettering and words, because I got sick of dealing with having to read over my blogs and comments to ensure what I was reading was what I was meaning. It became a real problem when my statement, “I don’t know” came out as “I do no nothing” or something crazy like that.
        Anyways, thank you for listening to my concern. I am being a bit obnoxious about it, but probably e e cummings would feel the same way. rawgod .

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        • I checked all the settings and there is no option to change that theme feature.

          I opened a forum request so if a programmer has a short tag or CSS edit I will try it.

          I don’t mind changing it since caps doesn’t have any meaning to me.


  7. Thank you very much. If you want to delete this thread, no problem. It’s just “housekeeping,” after all.

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  8. I see nothing sexist with this. Nowadays not always 100% true, but still…

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  9. WOW! I remember learning (being programmed) that sh*t! Even when my best friend (a boy) became a nurse I was stunned!

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