Remember When America Had Swimsuit Police To Protect Men From Having Bad Thoughts Due To Immoral Female Beach Goers

In the 1900s men had a hard time adjusting to seeing females flesh out in public. Local laws were created and put in place to regulate the female body so that men were not overwhelmed.

Police were given the power to reprimand women who they deemed were showing too much skin or sensitive areas.

Task forces were organized to legislate the female form, aka “Beach Police”.

Police forced women to line up while they grouped them with measuring tape to ensure that open skin did not exceed a regulated number of inches.

Women who didn’t comply would be banned from the beach or arrested in some locations.

They even began using undercover officers to patrol beaches.

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  1. That’s cRaZy! Bet those police are rolling in their graves now with all the t-backs, thongs, and nudity on beaches now!

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