DOD Funds A Doctor For Doing Radiation Experiments On Over 90 Black Americans — He Is Later Given A Gold Medal

The Defense Atomic Support Agency of the DOD (Department Of Defense) funded Dr. Eugene Saenger from 1960 to 1971.

Dr. Eugene Saenger performed whole body radiation experiments on more than 90 poor black Americans suffering from cancer. He began conducting his experiments in the windowless basement of Cincinnati General (now University) Hospital.

He forges consent forms and lies to patients about what is being done to them (they think they are receiving medical care).

He exposes their chests to the equivalent of about 7,500 x-rays, which cause intense pain, vomiting, and bleeding from their nose and ears. Many die as a result.

  • Saenger received a gold medal for “career achievements” from the Radiological Society of North America.
  • Saenger co-founded the Society for Medical Decision Making in 1978 and served as its first president.
  • In 1987, the university’s radioisotope laboratory was renamed in his honor.

He stated: “These are studies of which we are very proud.”

The data collected in experiments by Saenger and others are still used today by industry and the military in the establishment of exposure guidelines.

What experiments are being ran today?

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  1. What is it with the Saengers in America? First Margaret Sanger and now this guy.

    Everything is a test Lander.

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  2. That is so sick! And he’s proud of it and received a gold medal?! What’s wrong with people?

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  3. Oh, Lander… It’s so much worse. This thing is nearly four hours long but, OMG:

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  4. Every “thing” means some “thing”

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  5. Ethics and humanity means nothing to elites, royals, etc. They stroke their own egos by “serving” the greater good but at cost of countless lives.

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  6. Look up Delores Cannon sometime. She explained it’s because elites believe 99% of us are “background people” – not REAL.

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