Do You Know The 7 Deadly Sins Of America

Greed – a need to have it all while the world burns

First and foremost, in America, we have fully embraced Greed. It is our foundation. It is as much hidden and imperceptible as it is obvious and inescapable.

We see Greed everywhere around us, but we are nearly incapable of seeing Greed in ourselves as individuals.

We want for the sake of wanting. We don’t care how many animals have to die or how much pollution is being pumped out, fuck paper we want plastic.

Never in the history of the world have so many people worked so hard for shit. We are wiping our asses with our future for shiny things. Forget woke, these people are not sleeping, we are dealing with a flatline, we need the defibrillator.

Deceit — preying on weak minds by amplyfying their fears

Americans bathe in lies, poured over us day and night by endless streams of the purest most nonsensical idiocy ever seen in the history of stupid. Lies so bold as to make Pinocchio blush.

Paid professionals are crafting 24/7 fear and pouring it into the most uneducated members of our society.

Americans will believe anything, there is no need to work at it. Don’t waste your time studying us, trying to craft the perfect deception. Just point and speak loudly saying things like, “Lizard people did it”. Your only limit is your imagination because it sure isn’t our ability to believe you.

What hope is there when a 30-second sound bite on social media carries more power and authority than all the scientists on earth combined and 2000 years of accumulated knowledge?

Denial — refusal to admit the truth even if you’re holding it

Americans will deny anything that goes against what they want, no matter what level of evidence is provided.

We are literally a nation falling into poverty while cheering on the rich to rule over us. People working 10 hours a day for piss are kissing the asses of billionaires in the hope that they will make their lives better.

The rich have enslaved us for so long that we now have collective Stockholm Syndrome as a nation. This is not cognitive dissonance, it’s full frontal lobe prohibition of critical thinking.

If they don’t live like you, work like you, pay taxes like you, or use the same healthcare as you then they don’t give a fuck about you… why is that so hard to accept?

Ignorance — lacking the ability to reject stupidity

Americans are fighting over black mermaids and elves as though they are real people, while real people are being arrested for being homeless.

We are making school bus drivers teachers while we fire educators but at the same time telling children to stay in school.

America’s greatest intellectual export at the moment is Flat Earth, QAnon, and Robot Chicken… so sad.

We literally have people standing on rooftops, because of flooding, blaming gay people for the rain. Full stop, hold my beer, Nuff said.

We are one step away from learning to read from the back of cereal boxes. Elmo becoming president is now a real possibility. Stupidity this rampant could become airborne.

Hate —  What minorities get for wanting equality

If Nazis are marching down a street in America chanting threats at minorities while displaying guns and spewing hate talk, then they are praised for supporting the constitution and free speech.

If an individual changes a pronoun in relation to themself and how they want to be addressed then they are out to destroy everything the founders worked so hard to put in place.

America sees hate as a virtue, angry mobs as patriots, and bigotry as a constitutional right. But individually Hate is the weak man’s last stand against everything they fear they will become over time.

Hypocrisy — claiming morality while having none

In America, we talk a big game.

Our churches preach love and unity but generate hate and segregation.

Our politicians claim the moral high ground but the moment they get off camera the real fun begins.

There is no shortage of Americans claiming to be good, honest, wholesome people, we just can’t find them in the act of doing so.

If a person has to keep telling you how good they are it’s because the opposite is true, run while you can. If you want to learn a life lesson firsthand then stay and fall for their bullshit.

Indifference — the ability to ignore the most important things ever

The majority of people in America simply do nothing.

We have over 300 million people in America and no matter which side you are on… most of them don’t show up for the fight.

When a girl is forced to marry her rapist at the age of 10, in Florida, the expectation is that we should have a united front of outrage. Nearly all 300 million of us should be on the local streets demanding change.

America is too busy to care. We are either burned out from working too many hours for scraps or we are too engrossed in our various forms of distracting entertainment to give a shit.

Never in the history of the world has a country ever had more knowledge, more awareness, more resources, and more wealth to change the human condition but failed to do so.

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  1. And don’t you think that has all been orchestrated?

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  2. It’s not just America.
    It is a world wide condition.

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  3. Romans 3:23. Isaiah 64:6. In God’s sight sin is sin and they all have the same weight now and when we stand before God to be judge.

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