Right Now, In America, Children Are Legally Traded With Strangers At Runway Shows Without Any Oversight By Anyone

The process is called “Re-Homing” and it is not regulated by the government or any organization.

  • It can be done by adoptive parents only
  • No Reason needs to be provided
  • They can give the children they’ve adopted to any stranger with no background check
  • No one looks for the children after they have been given away and sometimes they disappear without a trace

All rehomed children are at greater risk for child abuse and neglect.

Deals can be made for money or other resources in exchange for the children and nobody would know. The person taking or buying the child could be a monster, no one would know.

Every 40 seconds a child goes missing in the United States (How many of those were giveaways?)

They also trade them on social media.

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  1. This is happening at the border now too- to the tune of 30-40,000 per month.
    God’s about to tie a millstone around the neck of this whole country

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  2. This is shocking and quite sickening. Evil doers will pay!

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  3. 💜 This doesn’t really make sense; because there appears to be an “oversight” process EveryOne; quite often We Blame ‘Authority’ when We Would Do a WORSE!!! Job just like Confused Lander7



  4. …what if it is a wealthy infertile couple, I know a number of these couples; what if EveryBody?…

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  5. If physically survived, emotional/psychological trauma from unhindered prolonged abuse typically results in a helpless child’s brain improperly developing. If allowed to continue for a prolonged period, it can act as a starting point into a life in which the brain uncontrollably releases potentially damaging levels of inflammation-promoting stress hormones and chemicals, even in non-stressful daily routines. It’s like a form of non-physical-impact brain damage.

    The lasting emotional and/or psychological pain from such trauma is very formidable yet invisibly confined to inside one’s head. It is solitarily suffered, unlike an openly visible physical disability or condition, which tends to elicit sympathy/empathy from others. It can make every day a mental ordeal, unless the turmoil is treated with some form of medicating, either prescribed or illicit.

    The health of ALL children needs to be of real importance to us ALL — and not just concern over what other parents’ children might or will cost us as future criminals or costly cases of government care, etcetera — regardless of how well our own developing children are doing. And that a physically and mentally sound future should be every child’s fundamental right — along with air, water, food and shelter — especially considering the very troubled world into which they never asked to enter. And simply mindlessly ‘minding our own business’ too often proves humanly devastating.

    But essentially owing to the Only If It’s In My Own Back Yard mindset, the prevailing collective attitude (implicit or subconscious) basically follows: ‘Why should I care — my kids are alright?’ or ‘What is in it for me, the taxpayer, if I support social programs for other people’s troubled families?’

    While some people will justify it as a normal thus moral human evolutionary function, the self-serving OIIIMOBY can debilitate social progress, even when social progress is most needed. And it seems this distinct form of societal penny wisdom but pound foolishness is a very unfortunate human characteristic that’s likely with us to stay.

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