People Are Saying That “The Wizard Of OZ” Has Changed And That The Scarecrow Is Now Carrying A Gun In The Movie — All Due To The Mandela Effect

The original script, countless reproductions, and millions of people worldwide don’t remember the Scarecrow having ever carried a gun as he walked down the yellow brick road.

But now if you go back and watch the famous movie you will see the scarecrow packing heat. I even provided the clip of it below.

  • In the original script (by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, and Edgar Allan Woolf) there’s no mention of a gun.
  • Where did the Scarecrow acquire the firearm? Is there a gun store next to the yellow brick road? Why not shoot the flying monkeys rather than hide from them?
  • Many things were “toned down” from the screenplay to make the movie more kid-friendly. For instance, the skywriting done by the Witch originally spelled “Surrender Dorothy or Die” and was removed so children wouldn’t be scared. Yet nobody considered that giving a pistol to a man made of straw with no brain to be an issue.
  • Due to the iconic status of “Oz,” the film has been dissected and analyzed ad nauseam. There have been countless behind-the-scenes books and documentaries. Yet no conversation on why or how the Scarecrow has a pistol.
  • And why did we all miss it until just a few years ago? Why did we all suddenly start noticing it around the same time?
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  1. I wouldn’t have noticed it if you hadn’t mentioned – kind of says a lot about mass hysteria

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  2. I love these Mandela effects.

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      • Do you believe they are happening, or do you report on them merely out of curiosity or interest?

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        • You Asked — “Do you believe they are happening, or do you report on them merely out of curiosity or interest?”

          My Response — Both and neither. I am curious if it can provide useful information. If the environment is subject to some type of flux then I would like to know about it so I can manipulate it to my benefit.

          Also there is some joy in seeing a mystery waiting to be solved.

          As far as real goes that’s purely relative to an individual’s experience and the amount of proof that can be provided.

          I’ve seen the effect first hand and can verify it was real to me and one other person for a single event. But that doesn’t lend it any validity for any other events.

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          • Thanks for elaborating.

            I share a similar attitude toward the “effect” as you. I swear I have experienced it, but I know the mind can play tricks, too.

            I also love a good mystery.

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            • Here is something else I realized about the Mandela Effect.

              It’s not designed to be noticed. The only reason we actually notice it now is due to mass observation and data sharing (internet, etc).

              But think about it this way… within a generation or two no one would ever remember the original configuration.

              You could easily (without the internet) phase things out as though they never existed. Or even bring something new in.

              No one would be around to challenge it, the new generation would have assumed it was always like that.

              Now that I find interesting

              Just a thought

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  3. Its maybe due to the American obsession with firearms!

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  4. So very weird. Now that I see it, I can’t remember the gun at all from the past, although I remember this scene with all of them holding weapons–so it makes sense that Scarecrow has a gun.
    Another blog from 2014 said it could be from deleted material. So if that’s the case, then what is he carrying in THAT supposed “actually aired” scene? The other two have a wrench, a stick. Scarecrow would be holding…what? A rock? A corn cob? Hmm…… !!!


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