Why Is This Man Shot And Why Is This Man Not (3 of 10)

Man pulled over and shot after told by police to get his Drivers License. Within 2 seconds and with no warning given before trying to murder the civilian.

Man resists arrest (not shot), threatens the officer (not shot), chases the officer (not shot), beats the officer (not shot), damages the police cruiser (not shot), and flees the scene (not shot).

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  1. The examples are endless, but as long as people are in denial that it’s happening and/or rationalize it away or pull out graphics and statistics that try to minimize it, no change will happen.But since this awareness seems to have become a world-wide thing now, there might be hope. As we can see, it’s not just a complaint in the U.S. People experience inequality and oppression due to what they look like physically all over the world, and I think it has come to a surprise to many who have never had to think of these things before.

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