This Is What Scares People But Would It Scare You?

fear (noun)
An unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.
There are two powerful aspects to fear:
  1. The more scared you feel, the scarier things will seem.
  2. Fear dictates the actions you take.
Entire countries have been thrown into war because of fear. Most people are primed to fear something. So the question today is: “Are any of these fears a real danger that could cause real harm or pain?”

Scared of Dead Bodies

End of the World Scare

Scared of Little Girls in the Dark

Grim Reaper Scare

Scared of Mannequins

Scared of the Paranormal

Scared of Dinosaurs

Scared of Aliens

Scared of Ghost


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  1. I’m practicing a 12-step program in Alcoholics Anonymous. One of the slogans is that fear is:
    Staying sober one day at a time is a discipline that keeps me from being afraid of things I cannot change. The discipline helps remind me that I can summon the courage to face down death with an attitude derived from my contact with a higher power & a community of alkies who are also available as allies in the fight to maintain an outlook on life that fortifies the mastery of skills I need in order not to ever drink or use again. I truly fear dying from an alcoholic death or drug overdose. My life makes sense in regard to guarding certain boundaries. Taking a close look with a friend or, if a friend is not around, ‘turning it over ‘ to my higher power (whatever it is important am afraid of in the moment ) has kept me relatively sane and serene for many years even though I’m a mental & physical wreck!

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  2. (whatever it is i am afraid of in the moment ) FIFY

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  3. 💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎

    💎 Look Up as adrenalin is interesting EveryOne; an alternative acronym for F.E.A.R. is Friendly Emotive Alert Response EveryBody

    💎 – Diamond Hard – 💎



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