Alaska Is Number One For Missing People Never Found And Some Of Them Under Intensely Mysterious Circumstances

Alaska has a rate of missing persons almost twice the national average. 
More than 16,000 people have disappeared in Alaska since 1988. Many of the missing people disappear without any evidence, and with no bodies (alive or dead) found. We are literally talking about people disappearing without a trace. Alaska holds the record for the highest percentage of missing people who are never found.

But here is where it gets strange:

One Example: Richard Hills, 37. Missing since February 2004. Left his girlfriend and three kids to pick up his pay from work but never arrived. His car was found 15 miles from home, the keys in the ignition, his wallet on the front seat. His footprints went on for about a mile and a half from the car to an isolated spot where they suddenly ended.

A Second Mystery: U.S. House Majority Leader “Hale Boggs” vanished into thin air somewhere between Juneau and Anchorage. What followed was one of the nation’s largest-ever search-and-rescue missions. For more than a month, 50 civilian planes and 40 military craft scoured a search grid of 32,000 square miles. Nothing was found.

Final Example: In 1950, a military craft with 44 passengers disappeared without a trace. The military, literally, could not find them with all of their combined resources.

Where are they and why isn’t this on the news?

Some facts about Alaska that stood out to me:

  • Alaska is the largest state (twice as big as Texas)
  • The lowest temperature recorded in Alaska was -80 degrees
  • It has the longest day (nearly 3 months)
  • It has the longest night (nearly 2 months)
  • Alaska has more than 100 volcanoes
  • Alaska has more coastline than the rest of the United States combined
  • In 1958, Alaska was hit with a mega-tsunami taller than the Empire State Building 
  • The 1964 earthquake in Alaska had a magnitude of 9.2
  • Alaska regularly produces “Giant Vegetables” 
  • Rape and domestic violence are at epidemic proportions in Alaska. 
    The rape rate in Alaska is more than twice the national average
  • Each year Alaska has about 1,000 earthquakes that measure above 3.5 on the Richter scale. 
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  1. Maybe they’re like Bigfoot, they just don’t want to be found. Some are found though, like Alexander Supertramp.

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  2. I wonder if they are being taken by Bigfoot and such? There are some cases like that. That is really weird and sad.

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  3. Weird. Have you looked into the Missing 411? People who have mysteriously vanished in or around National Parks. Some of them REALLY weird. Sometimes the bodies are never found. Sometimes they are – in places that have been thoroughly combed, and which would have been IMPOSSIBLE for the searchers to miss. Others are found in places it would have been simply impossible to reach. One might find a clean body in the middle of a muddy paddock. All really weird.
    What’s more interesting is that the rate of mysterious disappearances in national parks etc corresponds to the rate of Bigfoot sightings. The parks with the largest number of Bigfoot sightings are the ones with the largest number of weird disappearances (and in some of those parks, some people have described encountering – sometimes almost getting killed by – Bigfoot).

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  4. Oh.So much dangerous Alaska.I had heard about only Barmuda Triangle at Atlantic sea.I think-any link of Barmuda Triangle is related to Alaska.thanks for new information about Alaska.🌺🙏🌺

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  5. Reblogged this on my site{An amazing place in USA}

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  6. Although the stories are fictional, the show Alaska Daily has helped bring missing persons in Alaska to light by focusing on indigenous people, especially women. On a personal note, I have been to Alaska only once but would very gladly pay a return visit there; the slower pace of life and the natural beauty are things that attract me.

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