People Are Drinking Urine To Get High From Meth

Some drugs will destroy your life the first time you touch them! 

Some hard-core methamphetamine addicts are collecting and drinking their own urine and the urine of other meth users to get high.


The story Jessa Reed tells in the video below is frightening. As a brilliantly gifted comedian, she may make you laugh but the reality of what she is saying will never leave you.

This brave soul is now strong enough to both resist meth and tell the reality of her life while on stage, face to face with total strangers and the world. It’s rare to see someone overcome so much and still have the courage and strength to share it with others.

Hopefully, her story will prevent others from making the same mistakes.

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  1. Nothing new here. People were shooting up urine in the 60s, hoping to get a few molecules of LSD that went through the body without breaking down. All kinds of crazy things were done. If I could remember some I’d tell you about them. Very few of them worked.

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