Claims Of A Change To The US Dime Are Coupled With A Strange Anti-American and Non-Christian History

Many people remember the US dime having Dwight D. Eisenhower on the face, but Franklin Roosevelt has been on the dime since 1946. Many claim, that this is one of the now famous Mandela Effects and that the dime has been changed but there is no record of an Eisenhower dime in the US treasury.

Where this get’s interesting: There are pockets of past references to an Eisenhower dime. I have listed a few below to get you started.

First, we have a song from Dr. Dre featuring “The Lady of Rage” talking about an Eisenhower dime in a rap song. What stood out for me was the contrast between the three rappers during the song. She played second in a three-person rap session and her message was completely off track from theirs. Her words were not gangster driven and seemed somewhat cryptic. If you listen to the original song it becomes clear that her role was out of place. Below is only a short clip of the part where she mentions the dime.

[Verse 1: Lady of Rage]
Always and forever, forever and always
The rhythm will flow from now and through all days
As long as the sun shines
As long as Eisenhower’s on the dime
Yo, I’ll be kicking the rhyme
One time for your mind, your soul, your body
The OG’s on the side of me

Next, we have a news clipping from the “Western Michigan DETROIT FREE PRESS”. The article talks about how the Eisenhower dime sets cabbie tip standards. The article was written by “ARTHUR JUNTUNEN”. Imagine having an article that talked about a critical (at the time) mode of travel for vacationers but headlining with a non-existent currency.


Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan
Date: Sunday, June 7, 1953
Page: Page 59

The dime also has a strange history, especially when you think about the 1916 version which on the face had an image that greatly resembled the mythical Roman god, “Mercury”, right next to “In God We Trust”. Many say that the image is not that of Mercury but keep in mind what’s on the back of the coin, a Roman fasces (ax surrounded by a tied bundle of sticks) and an olive branch. Clearly, there is a theme here and it’s not Christian in nature. It’s also strange that we would have ever had the original symbol of fascism on our currency. 

It’s also one of the most counterfeited coins in America’s history.

Bonus Information: Dwight D. Eisenhower gave a famous speech that is not well known, where he warned the American people of a pIndustrialency (The Military Industrail Complex) that could threaten peace if not kept in check.

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