Glitch (Part 4 of 6) Is Reality Starting To Show Its Secrets?

We’ve learned that reality is reusing our faces in Part 1, reusing people in Part 2, and entire lives in Part 3. Now we’ll explore a part of the glitch that people say is a result of reality making mistakes.

With cameras everywhere, people are starting to see an abundance of strange events that flat out defy normality. A large number of these can be attributed to photoshop but in this article, I would like to address the small percentage that has not only been proven authentic but the explanations as to why they happen are downright ridiculous or conspiratorial in nature. 

Texas Woman Wakes Up From Surgery With A British Accent

Lisa Alamia went in for jaw surgery to correct an overbite and came out with a British accent. She was diagnosed with foreign accent syndrome.

First I have to say… this happens often enough that it has a medical name.

Strange Numbers In The Sky

Explained to the public as a team of planes skywriting for a new project.

Do you see any planes in this video? Why wasn’t anyone told about it before it happened?

 Vehicles Start Levitating On A Crowded Street

Also note that another car is moved, not just the ones circled. It was reported to the public as a fallen wire cable issue.

What cable?

The Mystery Hexagon On SATURN

The planet Saturn revealed a giant Hexagon that was invisible to the naked eye until the Voyager spacecraft discovered it, now it’s visible via telescope. It can hold 4 planet earth’s inside of it.

Since when do planets have giant geometric shapes? Why did we not see this before?

 Human Phases Through Car

Caught on dashcam during an accident, a man phases through an SUV onto the road.

Do you see any open doors on this vehicle?

Baby Balancing On Crib

A toddler was filmed balancing on the railing of his crib in the middle of the night. Little Conner Booth climbs up the side of his crib steadying himself for a remarkable 22 seconds while crying. The eyes are normal for a night vision cam.

Have you ever seen a baby this steady…. that can see in the dark…. and stay steady while crying?

The Mandela Effect:

People are claiming, that well-known facts, within our reality have changed. This is becoming a huge topic around the world since the number of changes is rising into the hundreds. I created an entire article (click here) just for this one topic.

Two of my own personal experiences are:

  • The Bible has the word Matrix in it.
  • The movie Forrest Gump no longer says, “Life IS like a box of chocolates”, now it says “Life WAS like a box of chocolates”.

I don’t recall hearing anything about the Matrix being in the Bible all those years attending church and Sunday school. I also clearly remember the line from Gump being “Life is like…”.

Russell Wesbrook’s Face Gets Dented

I must have missed that in biology class where it was explained how soft squishy humans could be dented. Even if you make me believe it can happen why would there not be a bruise? Why would the skin be dented?

Russell Westbrooks face gets dented sports.png

This Guy And The Tree

After the photo circulated for a while, it was stated that it was created by an artist for an exhibit.

What is the name of this kind of art? Art of what exactly? Where would you hang this art?


Clearly, there are things happening far outside the realm of normality, past the edges of our understanding. I will concede that there is more out there than dreamed of by me.

So, there you have it, the laws of nature being ignored by the reality we thought was rock solid. You decide if this is real and if the explanations given are satisfactory or if this is a true glitch in the Matrix. Each post in this six-part series is going to push what you believe to the limit so be ready.

Click here to see all 6 articles

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  1. The only video that looks real to me is the cars in China. I am not going to say how the others were produced, but they do not feel authentic. Just my opinion, of course.

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  2. Hmm. We live in a strange world, although I don’t believe we’re in a simulation.

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  3. Interesting and thanks for sharing…. what I have seen is a very small part of the whole.. with constant change, it is highly unlikely I will ever see reality in its whole form….. soooooooooo, I will deal with my reality, by following my dreams guided by my heart, and let the rest of the universe follow theirs… 🙂

    “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” Shannon L. Alder


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