Glitch (Part 2 of 6) Are Some Of The People Around You Virtual Beings?

We established in Part 1 that your face is being reused around the globe. Some of us can shake that off and blame it on DNA but others believe that they found glitches in reality.

Let’s continue down the rabbit hole and look at the next reason people think we are living in the Matrix. To do this we are going to learn a new term, “NPC”.

A non-player character (NPC) is any character, within a computer program or game, that is not controlled by a real life human being.

A character controlled by the computer via predetermined or responsive behavior, the intelligence level of the NPC varies based on the computers overall power.

“Predetermined or Responsive Behavior”, in a virtual world or game is what separates the natural from the unnatural. This is what we use to understand who is real and who is computer generated.

NPC characteristics

  • They look alike
  • They frequent the same locations
  • They wear the same color clothing as each other
    • Some variation in style (not much)
  • They repeat and share behaviors
  • They have the same expressions and mannerisms
  • They share the same variables
    • Hair, glasses, etc
    • Height, race, age, etc

Often when looking at an NPC you get a sense of déjà vu, because there will be another NPC’s, much the same, near by. Now we all shop at the same stores and eat at the same restaurants so we expect to see similarities in human behavior and style. A glitch, on the other hand, raises a subconscious red flag, we are talking about more than similarity. We are talking about seeing double and seeing it in a strange way. It’s almost like someone is not keeping up with themselves, like a smear in time.

Think about this for a moment, there are two or more people living a very “Random Life”, who suddenly woke up at the same time, in the same neighborhood, selected the same clothes from the same stores to wear and just happen to be the same age, same height, same race, going to the same place, using the same means of travel, and so on.

On top of all this, duplicate people ignore each other. They don’t talk, laugh or even for a moment show any amazement that they have a twin right next to them. Someone who not only looks like them but is also wearing the same clothes and going to the same place.

Let’s look at a few mild so-called glitches to get us started:

That was easy enough, I think we can all shake that off to some extent, a bit weird but still well within reason. I can rationalize most of that away fairly easy.

Let’s move the setting up a notch:

I’m starting to see a lack of uniqueness in individuals but I’m not sure if I can call this a glitch yet but it is starting to feel a bit stranger.

Let’s take this up a bit more:

Now we’re talking, I would definitely say this is odd. At this point, the word coincidence would start coming up in conversation. If you see enough of this happening it would raise some questions.

Let’s continue down the rabbit hole:

I see it now, this is definitely strange and the fact that they are oblivious to each other messes with my head a bit.

Let’s enter wonderland:


I can now see what all the fuss is about and keep in mind there are more out there coming in all the time. Every day we bring more cameras online, gathering more information about our reality.

With the first two articles combined, we are starting to see that more than just faces are being reused. We are really pushing the idea of coincidence and probability to its limit.

So there you have it, duplication everywhere, some easier to dismiss than others. You decide if this is a coincidence or a glitch in the Matrix. Each post in this six-part series is going to push what you believe to the limit so be ready.

Click here to see all 6 articles

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  1. Those pix are fascinating! I’m enjoying your series so much! Lately I’ve been thinking about red headed people. I notice They seem to all be related to each other in the way they look. Lots of them have similar high-strung temperaments, super intelligence, high energy. Also most have sensitive skin & sunburn easily. I Also think about ‘spirit families’: these being not necessarily related by blood ties but in many ways compatable on deep levels of understanding, similarly gifted, that ‘click’ with each other. I have had many encounters that i have sensed a presence helping me with the conversation/contact especially if the person is new to me &/or having a crisis. I consider these to be divine appointments.

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    • I know what you mean about red heads (the freckles also). To be truthful I’m starting to see similarities in certain configurations of people.

      As for the, “spirit families”, I think there is a kind of kindred spirit in people. That old saying, “birds of a feather…”. Some are deeper thinkers with much more control of the emotional side, they tend to see more beauty in strange things like rainy days. These types tend to be more nomadic but in this day and age, with the internet, we are seeing them communicate more. I’ve noticed people seek us out when they are in a chaotic state dealing with emotional crisis.

      It reminds me of the old shamans.

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  2. It is interesting. Though, with the photos of identical people, or dressed identically, it could be photo shopped or set up, like a prank someone was pulling. Interesting stuff, but I don’t think we are living in a real-life Matrix.

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    • Pictures can be faked, anything is possible and I am also not convinced that we are in simulation. You are right to be skeptical.

      But here is where the challenge begins, the pictures came from sources that claimed validity but at the same time dismissed them as just coincidence. The people providing back stories for the photos didn’t think much of them other than just a strange moment that had very little meaning.

      So, the pictures weren’t special but when you put them all together in one place you start to see how often this strange behavior occurs.

      It could just be that people wear the same clothes a lot, balding men is also common. But the timing is where it becomes more challenging to dismiss. I started my investigation with doubt and ended with questions.

      If you read the whole series you will find that the rabbit hole goes much deeper. My goal wasn’t to prove or disprove the glitch, my interest is in Unstructured Data and how it relates to probable outcomes. If something is going on below the surface of what we call normality then I want more information that allows me to use it to my advantage.

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  3. wow…that explains a lot…thank you for posting it. brilliant!

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  4. you think that’s crazy, check out a military formation!!! that’ll blow your socks off with the similarities!!! Just kidding Lander, I know you were a Navy Man.

    Its pretty nuts this stuff, then again, we do attempt to fit in wherever we go.

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  5. I would think Facebook should be able to pair us up with look alikes if they would be si kind. That would be a fun project. Nice work L7. Interesado.

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  6. Assuming that the pix weren’t set-ups or Photo-shopped, interesting synchronicities. Each ‘duplicate’ is slightly different…different scarf, different shoes, different clothing pattern…

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  7. But, if you will also notice, these people are of similar build, race, hair colour, etc. Perhaps they do shop at the same stores, and are helped to choose what to buy by the same salespeople, the same hairdressers, etc. This I see all the time when I am in the big city. Living in a small town, far from any city, you do not see so much of this kind of thing. Stores only sell 1 item of a colour of any style of shirt, whereas in the city you see racks of only 1 colour of a style, and then further racks of a different colour. The option of individuality is not there.

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