My Theory Of Reality

The world is very real, our experiences are real, and science is real. Reality is based on laws that govern cause and effect. Time is real and our progression through it leaves a trail. We live a daily life inside of a real construct.

Matter, Time, and space. (Reality)


The foundation of our reality is not so real. At best it is a probability teased by interaction. Laws have no meaning at the structural level, time and matter are nonexistent. Even entropy works backward.

Energy, wave function, and probability. (Engine)

The world is very real, our pain is real, and our needs are real. We are guided by want and restrained by fear. Our interactions with the people around us leave a trail. We live a daily life of survival in the real world.

Consciousness, senses, and feelings. (Reality)


The boundaries of our reality are not so real. At best they are progress markers. Our limits are near imaginary in the wake of extraordinary occurrences of serendipity. Even failure is enlightenment.

Relational truth, perspective, and experience. (Engine)

The world is very real and the unknown is real. We move forward in ignorance fueled by faith, hope, and/or curiosity. Our discoveries and enlightenment leave a trail. We live a daily life of growth that is forced upon us.

Seeking, learning, and experiencing. (Reality)


Our understanding of reality is not so real. At best it has all been hubris. Everything we think we know is consistently lacking. Individual experiences fitting into place more like a guided tour than a random life.

Realization, inspiration, revelation (Engine)

My understanding is this:

I think we are living in a persistent illusion, formed of natural energy, guided by probability, influenced by the human mind, and restrained by the divine.

I think everyone is struggling over the limits of their individual understandings. Fighting to prove to others around them, that reality is what they (as individuals) have experienced.


The world reveals different things to different individuals at different times through an engine we do not control.

The question is this: Can we develop the patience needed, not to kill each other, before we are all on the same page?

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  1. And what page would that be? Another “reality”?

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  2. Everything is data. Reincarnation is data. We perceive the least amount of reality possible and avoid nearly every deeper understanding in order to reproduce, just like every other organism. Successful evolution depends on fitness, not the distraction of comprehension.
    What is real depends entirely on what level of magnification suits you. None of it is real nor made of anything besides little packets of energy that produce forms out of waves. Nothing is as it seems and every postulation of reality is mostly incorrect.

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  3. Must we all get onto the same page? Is that desirable? Seems better to develop tolerance, and forego ‘proving’ things to others. SImply describe and let others listen as they will. If they ask questions, then respond if possible.

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  4. πŸ’Ž – Diamond Hard – πŸ’Ž

    πŸ’Ž If We Can Sense it through Our Six+ Senses then it is “real” EveryOne; why do YOU!!! THINK!!! We Wake Up In Cold Sweats after NIGHTMARES!!! πŸ€” ?

    πŸ’Ž – Diamond Hard – πŸ’Ž



  5. Unrelated: Hey Lander, I know how much you love “coincidences.” Check out Riversworld… today. “You Gotta See This” or something like that. Meanwhile, this post looks interesting. Gonna go read it.

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  6. Difference is what keeps life interesting, but still it would be mighty interesting to get everyone on one page — just to see what would be on that page.

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