Meet The Village Where The Dead And Absent Have Been Replaced With Life Size Dolls

The village is “Nagoro” located in Japan.


Native, Tsukimi Ayano, has been replacing the people who have died or left the village with life-size handcrafted dolls. About 350 life-size dolls currently reside in the village posed in positions as she remembered the real people before they moved on. She first started making the strange straw filled dolls when her father moved on, from there she moved to family members and then the rest of the village. Many of the dolls are out working in the fields, fishing or simply sitting along the road starring at people as they pass by.


The local school is even filled with a few dozen dolls waiting for class to start.


AKA “The Scarecrow Village” is located on Route 439 in the Iya Valley, a remote mountainous area. It formerly had about 300 inhabitants, but the decline in Japan’s population has caused that to fall to less than 30.

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  1. Great art and sad to know that this mountainous place is empty of its inhabitants.

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  2. I’ll give her a 10 for artistic creativity.

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