Poem: Love Isn’t

I tried to describe love but all I could think of is what love wasn’t. So I kept trying but then all I could think of was what love is like. It’s great just thinking about it.

Love is not like sleep, it doesn’t rest, it’s not quiet and still.
It’s easy to confuse the two because love is like a dream come true.

Love is not like a pig in the mud, rolling and snorting.
It’s easy to confuse the two because love is messy and loud.

Love is not like money, it doesn’t buy anything.
It’s easy to confuse the two because love is good on a rainy day.

Love is not like a good meal, it has no smell, and it has no taste.
It’s easy to confuse the two because love likes to dance on your tongue in more ways than one.

Love is not like a job, there is no time clock and there is no boss
It’s easy to confuse the two because love is hard work

Love is like being happy
Love is like laughter
Love is like leaning on something strong
Love is like the last slice of cheesecake
Love is like the best time of the day
Love is like a deep massage
Love is hard to describe

~Alex Sutton

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  1. Thank you for this!
    Yes! I think of love as the realist of real ppl, places, things. My first memory before I had language was of a felt sense that I was well in being. Then there was a time I had my first friend & lover. It was, like in your excellent poem: “a dream come true”. All my empty depression vanished! I was filled with blissful thoughts and making good memories in those days! Your line: “Love is good on a rainy day.” Made me think of The song “Rainy day people” by
    Gordon Lightfoot from his Album: Cold on the Shoulder (1975)

    Likewise “love is hard work” in so many ways too! I’ve loved and lost love over and over. Teh hard work, for me, is trying to figure out why & how to have love, to love & be loved, how to honor it so it wants to stick around!
    “…being happy
    leaning on something strong…
    Cheesecake! YUM!!!
    (When is your best time of day? For me it’s 3AM. I’m a night person)
    Massages are real relief for hurting body. The relief is lovely! “Love is hard to describe”, as you say. I think know when I am not loved & when I am.

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  2. My best time of day is 10PM to 1AM. That’s when I do my best deep dives into just about any topic.

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  3. Love is a complicated thing. But I like your poem!

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  4. 💜 “Love” is EveryThing EveryOne, especially HATE!!! RAGE!!! AND SADNESS!!! et al The Opposite of HATE!!! is Like, The Opposite of RAGE!!! is Calm, The Opposite of SADNESS!!! is HAPPYNESS!!! and then there ARE ALL The Grey Areas in between; feel free to add to this list of Emotional States that ARE ALL States of ALL Pervading “Love” EveryBody; ergo, We ARE “Love” whatever Our Mood or However Heinous and Atrocious Our Words and Actions ARE, We ARE ALL Redeemable…


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