Poem: Should He Wake … A Poem From The Surreal Part Of My Mind

should he wake

Should He Wake

I dreamed a dream within a dream
To see all that I couldn’t see

And didn’t wake but woke once more
Just to see behind closed doors

And in my head, I saw their minds
But only mine throughout all time

Center here and center there
But edges I could find nowhere

Am I real or am I not
Should he wake or should I not?

— Alex Sutton

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  1. Thank you for another wonderful poem!! It really made me think of my dreams and what they’ve meant to me. I think of my dreams as being “a mixture of memory and desire” as in a line from the poem “the Wasteland” (1922) by TS Eliot

    //I dreamed a dream within a dream
    To see all that I couldn’t see//

    I often have dreams that I dream I’m dreaming. Sometimes I dream that I have super powers that I don’t have in Waking Life. (Like the ability to float or fly). when I wake up I am aware that I have not taken my real life anxiety inside my dream life. Those dreams are a healing relief and respite! not to have to carry the baggage, the anxiety, the Stranglehold of time, gravity, space, my bad Behavior, disappointing failures and history of mental illness on in my dream life! What a blessing that is! Sometimes I have reoccurring dreams of cities. I have my San Francisco scape, my Seattle scape, my Bellingham Washington scape, my Walla Walla Washington scape. There are other cities I dream about that I don’t recognized as anywhere I’ve ever been. Some of them I think are in Europe.

    //And in my head, I saw their minds
    But only mine throughout all time//

    I’ve had an eerie feeling all my life that I may be dreaming all of reality on this planet I’m supposedly sharing with billions of other people. There’s an old Twilight Zone episode about the end of the world and one Lone Survivor. The actor was Burgess Meredith I think. He was the happiest man on Earth, glad that everyone was gone because all he ever wanted to do was read books. Unfortunately his glasses broke! That story has haunted me and many others in the Twilight Zone series that I saw when I was a teenager.

    //Center here and center there
    But edges I could find nowhere//

    Yes I feel like I’m in the center of my life yet not in the center of my being!! It’s a curious feeling of disconnect. I suppose it comes from not being completely healed of post-traumatic stress disorder. at my center i feel there is hollowness. I don’t really know who I am. I couldn’t put it in the frame of a sentence or a picture. I’ve sometimes had a feeling I’m just a minor actor, somebody extra, in a movie. I don’t I have this feeling so much anymore.

    //Am I real or am I not//

    I’m definitely real. After 66 years on the planet and conferring with others I can confirm that I exist. I think the best, shiniest possibility of my existence is my intentions and intuitions. I believe my intentions and intuitions lead to a trajectory that will carry me to the end of life. Whether for good or ill I can’t predict it!!
    I want to be good, to do good and to be well-thought-of. I want to be included in activities with other human beings that bring love joy and peace into the world more abundantly!!

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    • Thank you so much!!

      I also remember that episode from the twilight zone, I kept thinking how long before he realizes he can fumble to a nearby optometrist and have any pair he wants.

      I often dream of a city where there is a food section with a number of restaurants. I also find myself occasionally getting on a glass elevator in some building, a very big elevator, the size of a small room.

      There are also times that my dreams come true. It’s very strange to have one of those.

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    • Hello, Charles. Farbeit for me to interject myself into your life uninvited, but when you put comments onto the Internet I take that is an invitation to others to respond. And what I am responding to is not you, I know nothing about you. I am only responding to your words as I read them.
      “I want to be good.”
      This short statement brings up so my questions. Some are philosophical, so I won’t ask them. What I want to ask, since you “want” to be good, why aren’t you “good”? For that is what you are implying. And further to the why, if you are not good, what would it take you you to “be” good? What are you capable of? And why are you not the person you want to be?
      By asking these questions, stuck as I am in 2018 when you wrote them, I am assuming that you have not changed. I hope you have, for your own happiness.
      Which lesds me to the second part of that statement, you want to be “well thought-of.” Who does not think well of you? Again, the statement suggests it is you who does not think we’ll of you. Why not? What would it take for you to think well of yourself?
      I, or course, cannot answer these questions for you, I can only ask them of you.
      Feel free to answer or not. The one who needs the answers is not me, it is you.

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  2. Very good article. I certainly love this site. Stick with it!

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  3. Writing poems about dreams seems to be a necessity for people who look insides themselves to see who they really are. So I will offer you in return for allowing me to read your poem, my poem:
    dreaming of stars

    i dream i see a man
    a man who has a dream
    a dream to reach the stars
    but the stars that he can reach
    are in his head
    are in my head
    and i can dream

    i dream i see a man
    reaching for the stars
    but his arms are much too solid
    to reach inside his head
    so he reaches up instead
    to stars he cannot touch
    he dreams that there are stars

    i dream i see a man
    a man i dream is me
    a man can only be
    a dream

    i am a dream
    a dream inside a dream
    inside a man

    inside a man
    there is a dream
    a dream that he is man
    dream on, man

    dream on into the dream
    until you find
    the dream is done
    and you are done
    and you are a star

    if stars could dream…

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  4. Very deep and emotional lines ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. 💜 ‘Inception’ ~ Movie 🎬 🎞 🎥 🎦 📽 ♥️ 🎬 with Leo Dicaprio ♌️ ♥️ ❤️ 💖 💕 💗 ♌️


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