Leonardo da Vinci Painted The Mona Lisa And Also Designed Killing Machines

So we all know who Leonardo da Vinci is and if you don’t, then he is the guy who painted the Mona Lisa, Last Supper, and Salvator Mundi. But what you don’t know about this famous painter is that he designed death machines on the side. Below are a few of the better ones.

Leonardo da Vinci designed these two horse-drawn carriages armed with swirling limb severing blades. They were designed to plow through the enemy without mercy. In this drawing, you can see the slaughter in gruesome detail.

Leonardo da Vinci designed this machine to hurl small spheres “like hail” that would release smoke to confuse and terrorize the enemy. 

Leonardo da Vinci designed these multi-barrelled guns to replace the lag time wasted on canons that took too long to load. All mounted guns were on a single revolving platform, the guns could be loaded first and then fired on rotation, thus eliminating delay.

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  1. And Elon Musk designed and sold flame throwers.

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  2. Seems the best and the brightest are always recruited to weaponry. I do hope science can save us from themselves. All these neat things they create, and an even greater ability to kill.

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  3. I had already known that he was an inventor as well as a painter. I also remember it being part of the plot for one of my favourite books “The Firebird Mystery” where one of Da Vinci’s students takes his designs after he died and creates this secret club where they actually build his inventions, but keep it quiet from the public (the book is set in the ’30s or ’40s.
    I also remember hearing on the news that in the Mona Lisa’s eyes or one of her eyes, numbers were found hidden in them like a formula or something. So he was a very smart man.

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  4. I had heard a bit about this – I first learned about it after it was used as a plot device in one of my favourite books (The Firebird Mystery: A Jack Mason Adventure – Book I by Darrell Pitt) and one of my favourite movies (The Three Musketeers – Paul WS Anderson’s adaption).

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  5. Leonardo was a true genius, who could turn his hand to anything and make a success of it!

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  6. Da Vinci is a legend ❤️

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