I Made A Video To Describe How I See The World, It’s Like Drinking From A Firehose While Riding A Rollercoaster

I added this video to the “About Us” page to give more insight into my thought process. People often ask what my thoughts are on different topics, so I wanted to make some of that public.

The words on the images are mine unless quoted with a referenced name.

Recently I found out that people like to use it as a screen saver. O.o

Per request, I also added a comment section to the about page.

I also have an older post where I made a video about the overwhelming amount of strange information I parse through.

Everything At Once – The Video Of Reality Chaos

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  1. I just watched it. I think you and I have some of the same goals. It’s a solid video and the message is that of togetherness from what I gathered.

    That’s what I attempt on my blog and TidePodcast. To spread a message of understanding and community. We never have to agree, but we must allow those whom we disagree with freedom, so we can be free as well.

    If we cannot, then our time here will be miserable for sure.

    You can’t have one foot on earth and the other in heaven. You are either with God or you are with man. I do not attempt to split myself between the two. But to hopefully spread the message of love and forgiveness, hopefully to encourage more to realize the love that God has for ALL OF US, regardless of what we may think.

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