Remember When Women Were Forced To Wear Bridals On Their Heads, With Spikes On Their Tongues, And Were Then Lead Around By A Dog Leash Because They Talked Too Much

scold’s bridle was a painful iron muzzle used on women who talked to much. It was a way that men could publically humiliate women to force them to be quiet on demand.

They often had a spiked metal plate that slid into the mouth and pressed down on top of the tongue.

It silenced the woman wearing it and caused extreme pain.

Parading them through town on a dog leash added mental trauma to scare and intimidate the wearer into submission.

Not only did it prevent speaking but it also resulted in excessive salivation and fatigue of the mouth.

For extra humiliation, a bell was attached to draw in crowds while the wearer was led around town on a dog leash.

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  1. Do these things have a USB interface or are they Bluetooth?

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