The Two-Party System In America Is A Bad Joke But No One Is Laughing

The Parties:

  • Democrats:
    • No More War — But they keep dropping bombs on people
    • Equality — But they create policies to put more minorities in jail
    • Health Care — But only if you can afford it
    • Free Education — But not modern and not job-centric
    • Protect Workers — But replace them with robots
    • Antitrust — But not when the lobbyist pay
    • Clean Energy — But Carbon Credits for the rich
  • Republicans
    • Lower The National Debt — But not when they have power
    • Lower Taxes — But only for the rich
    • More Jobs — But at lower pay with more hours
    • Protect The US — But sell weapons to our enemies to get rich
    • Follow God — But fellowship with hate groups
    • Follow The Constitution — But not what’s written in it
    • Less Government — But more police and tactical gear

Where they Agree with each other:

  • They both agree to keep all the lobbyist
  • They both agree congress needs raises due to the cost of living
  • They both agree in adding more laws every year for you to follow
  • They both agree they need gold level free healthcare (for themselves)
  • They both agree on keeping Federal Income Tax 
  • They both agree you have to many freedoms (voting, guns, etc.)
  • They both agree to take private land for corporations

What needs to change:

  • No more than 4 years in office for anyone
  • No more state-sponsored healthcare for them
  • No more pay after they leave office
  • No more lobbyist
  • No more affiliations with corporate entities
  • No more absence from floor voting
  • No more free services (cooks. maids, laundry, etc.)

Last but not least, we only need people who need us, and that means the following must be a reality for them:

  • Their kids need to go to public school.
  • They must live where they were elected.
  • They need to shop for food where we shop for food.
  • They need to fly coach with us.
  • They need to use public hospitals.
  • They need to use our healthcare options. 
  • They need to have job performance reviews like us.

I became an independent, with no party ties.

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  1. Quite entertaining. However, the “Lower Taxes — But only for the rich” isn’t true of the current administration.


    • You stated — “However, the “Lower Taxes — But only for the rich” isn’t true of the current administration.”

      My response — The administration literally stated publicly that the first tax cut was for corporations and that the middle class tax cut does not kick in until 2019.

      That’s not even a personal opinion, it was the new tax policy. (out in the open)

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      • Didn’t hear about the timing of the middle class cuts. But, they’re still cutting them.


        • That’s what makes my post so honest, we have to wate until the future for it to be wrong 😉

          If only thet had given us the same tax cut as the rich I could have been a liar lol

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          • Ha ha. That’s politics for you.

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          • Australia’s conservative Liberal/National coalition government did it a little bit better. They cut the taxes for the middle and lower income, and are not trying to cut taxes for higher-income (aka “rich”) and businesses. The move is hated by the left-wing Labor Party (whose leader, Bill Shorten, is determined to wage a ridiculous and pointless war on the “wealthy”), who absurdly insist that the Government is unfairly cutting taxes ONLY for the rich, or giving them cuts the rest of us aren’t getting, or try to imply something to that effect. How unfair it is to the rest of Australians. Never mind, of course, that they’ve already done it for the rest of us – the top earners are simply getting it last. Not that that ever matters to the Left – socialists hate anyone who’s become well-off.


  2. But only because YOU!!! Engage in The Knowledge that YOU!!! ARE Engaging; it would be interesting to observe YOU!!! as a politician

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  3. I’m an Independent too, and Awake not Woke. It irritates me when politicians (who are paid way too much IMHO), aren’t in their seats in DC to listen to the other side and vote. There should be critical debate and a meeting of minds not bickering and everyone out for themselves and their “friends” whom they owe favors!

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  4. YES! I totally agree with all points! It needs to change ASAP!

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  5. Sounds not too far off from Canada.

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