Cows Are Now Wearing Virtual Reality Gear So They Can Be Happier While Being Abused So Humans Can Have More Cow Breast Milk

The Problem

  • Cows in the dairy industry are intensively confined
  • Are genetically manipulated
  • Pumped full of antibiotics and hormones
  • Some spend their entire lives standing on concrete floors
  • Forced to live amid their own feces
  • With leg joints that are swollen and ulcerated
  • With painful inflammation of glands, or mastitis

The Solution

VR Goggles on Cows To Get More Milk

  • Help cows relax by offering them sun-filled views of green pastures
  • The animals were less stressed
  • Cows’ milk output has gone from 5 gallons (22 liters) to 7 gallons (27 liters) a day
  • The quantity, and sometimes the quality, of milk, increase markedly

The VR headsets for cattle were initially tested in Moscow, Russia, and successfully tricked the cows into thinking they were outside.

This process has now been adopted by farmers in other countries.

Ask yourself

When the goggles malfunction or run out of power are the cows standing in darkness for hours or even days?

Would more milk be worth putting animals in a bovine matrix?

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