A Movie Nuclear Disaster Foreshadows A Real Nuclear Disaster Which Then Foreshadowed Another Nuclear Disaster

“The China Syndrome”, released on March 16, 1979, is a nuclear power plant disaster film.

12 days after it was released this happens:

On March 28, 1979, the “Three Mile Island” nuclear power plant disaster occurred. A detailed investigation is performed that concludes that there was a “partial meltdown”.

The same day they released the investigation results, this happens:

The world discovered the Russian Nuclear disaster “Chernobyl” via satellite surveillance.

Even Stranger:

The “China Syndrome” and “Three Mile Island” paralleled each other closely, both had the following:

  1. Confusion over valve status due to a critical user interface problem.
  2. Mechanical parts being stuck.
  3. The reactor suffered damage.
  4. Very little radiation leakage.
  5. No deaths, injuries, or significant damage except to the plant itself.

Both the movie and the real disaster came close to a full core meltdown. Such an event would potentially kill thousands.

Michael Douglas stated: “Incredible”, “I can’t put it together. It’s disturbingly ironic,”

The real TV news reporting of the disaster had eerily similar scenes to that from the movie. Michael Douglas stated: “It was a religious awakening”, “I felt it was God’s hand.”

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  1. I was younger then, but I remember.

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  2. That’s interesting. And freaky!

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  3. I vaguely remember all of that. I was 12.

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  4. Crikey! I’m gonna borrow that movie from the library.

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  5. Although it didn’t make national news, a few days after The Day After movie was aired, a nationally known fireworks factory, Gucci Brothers, blew up in the town next to mine. The blast blew out, or rather, blew in, windows of neighboring residential homes. 2 died, 24 injured in the freak accident.

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