Meet The Egg That Will End Your Need For Laundry Detergent


A friend turned me onto this about 4 months ago, a replacement product for laundry detergent. It seems crazy to replace laundry detergent with a plastic ball, but it works.

Clothes smell great and look clean coming out of the wash and the best part, no chemicals. Moving away from laundry detergent takes a MINDSET change. We are way over-programmed to pour chemicals on everything, but see for yourself, it’s to low cost not to try it.

You’ll have to go online to find it since most stores don’t support products that don’t require regular replacement. We are still using the first pack and it’s been over 4 months. Good luck!20150114_125712.jpg

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  1. I use a liquid “detergent” called Ecos that claims to have no unnatural chemicals in it. We have been using it for years in our High Efficiency washing machine. It works very well. And it is available in most supermarket stores. Works out to just pennies a load.

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  2. I was wondering about these, thanks for sharing review.

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  3. But no talk about Eco Eggs for dryers. Have you tried them? My spouse looked on Facebook, and few people recommend the dryer eggs. I wonder why?


  4. Brilliant! I have a gaiam product that is supposed to clean this way too. We are allergic also.

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