A Group Of Black Crows Is Called A “Murder”, A Group Of Black Ravens Is Called An “Unkindness” But A Group Of White Doves Is Called A “Piteousness”

A “black sheep” is a disgraced family member who the rest of the family disapproves of.

In computing, you “blacklist” things that are bad and “whitelist” things that are needed.

New-fallen snow is “white and pure” and a “white wedding” is a pure bride untouched.

If you bear a “black mark“, you’ve done something bad.

We “blackball” people who are undesirable or tainted.

The “black market” is where illegal items are sold.

The bad guys wear black or “black hats” and the good guys wear white or “white hats.”

In business, a “black eye” is a failure.

A “dark secret” is bad and destructive but a “little white lie” is ok or no big deal. Keep in mind that the former is just you telling people to mind their business while the latter is an actual deception to another individual Oo.

If you “blackmail someone” you are extorting them.

In movies “white witches” are good and evil witches wear black.

Angel food cake is white and devil’s food cake is dark.

The Dark Ages vs. the Age of Enlightenment.

If the birds are black then they get names like…

  • A group of crows is called a “murder.”
  • A group of ravens is called an “unkindness.”
  • A group of magpies is called a “mischief.”

If the birds are white then they get names like…

  • A group of doves is called a “piteousness.”
  • A group of swans is called a “game.” and on the ground they are called a “bank“.
  • A group of pelicans is called a “squadron.”

Black Tuesday is the date that the New York Stock Exchange completely collapsed, leading to the Great Depression.

A black or dark mood means to be irritable, angry, or even depressed.

A “black day” is when something very unpleasant or sad happens.

The black death was the illness that killed large numbers of people in the 14th century (AKA the plague)

Black ice is a road hazard in cold climates and is considered to be the most hazardous ice on roadways. Keep in mind that the ice itself is not black.

Is there an insidious attempt to portray black as bad or is it just our imagination?

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