Peter Pan Is The One Kidnapping Children In The Middle Of The Night… Captain Hook Is The Only Person Trying To Stop Him

Peter Pan abducts children solely for his entertainment. He has to continuously restock the children because they age. They never tell you what happened to the other children. Where did they go?

He knows what he does is wrong, that’s why he comes in the middle of the night when the adults are asleep.

Captain Hook is the only person attempting to stop Peter Pan and his malicious acts. There is no money to gain in stopping Peter so the only reason remaining is that he is trying to save the children and future victims.

Peter Pan is the one who cut off Hook’s hand and fed it to a crocodile. He mentally torments Hook by threatening to push him back in the water where the crocodile waits to finish what he started. Peter Pan takes great pleasure in this ritual of torment and can be seen laughing as he threatens hook. This clearly shows that Peter Pan is a sociopath lacking any form of empathy.

Peter Pan has no care in the world for the trauma caused to the parents of the missing children. In fact he takes great joy in making them disapear from the lives of those who care for them.

Peter Pan is the villian of the story but you can only see it if you ignore what he says and focus only on what he does.

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